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Buying a wooden toy for a 2 year old can be one of the best gifts that you can buy for them. Wooden toys surely are a lot of fun, be it a wooden doll, a train, a car, or just about anything carved out of wood, all of which feel great to play with. Apart from being a lot of fun, wooden toys also are much durable and stronger than plastic toys, which makes them suitable for little kids since they like to throw things around. Buying wooden toys on the internet can be confusing as there are thousands of products to choose from, but such worries are now over as we have made buying a wooden toy easier by providing you with our list of the best wooden toys for 2-year-olds that you can find on the internet. We have discussed the features of all the products and have described them in detail so that it’s easier for you to choose the wooden toy that’s perfect for your little one. Without further do, here are the best wooden toys for 2 year olds (all available in the UK):

My 5 top picks

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Top 9 wooden toys for 2-year-olds

#1 WINNER – Stoie’s Musical Instruments Set

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The No products found. is an excellent wooden toy set for 2-year-olds, that your little one would love to play with. This is a high-quality musical instrument set that has 9 fun musical instruments making it an amazing gift for your toddler as playing these instruments develops their brain and senses. The music toy set includes 1 Maracas, 1 Flute, 1 Hand drum, 1 castanet, 1 Tambourine, 1 Wood Sounder with striker, 2 Wrist Bells, 1 Chime bar with the striker, and 1 Agogo block with the striker. All of the instruments are made from the highest quality wood, that has a smooth finish, and are built to last for years. Each instrument has originated in a different part of the world, which will teach your kid about different cultures. This set comes with a drawstring bag which can be used to store the instruments when not in use.

This musical instrument set will make your family have quality time together. Your little one would learn so many instruments at such a small age and would absolutely love this set. People that reviewed this set of musical wooden toys for 2-year-olds on

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wrote really nice things about it which proves that this product is worth buying.

#2 – The Wooden Toy Factory

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The No products found. is an awesome wooden toy for 2-year-olds which is a perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas, your little one would love to play with this toy. The toy is a track for cars but it is much more different than a normal track. The track on this toy has 4 levels and is set up on 2 tall pieces of wood, each track has a different colour, is curved, and is tilted towards the next track, making the cargo down much faster in an interesting zigzag pattern. Each of the six cars is also made of wood and has a simple yet very interesting look, the cars can be parked in the parking lot that is at the top of the track.

Playing with this track will develop your little one’s fine motor and imagination skills. The track’s high-quality construction ensures durability to withstand energetic play at home or school, the track has a perfect size and can be kept on a shelf or in the cupboard easily. No assembly is required for this toy and it is ready to use out as you take it out of the box.

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#3 – Lelin Original Double Decker Red Classic London Sight Seeing Bus

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The No products found. is an amazing model of the infamous double-decker bus of London. The city is known for its history and its architecture. Also because of its double-decker buses, which are a great tourist attraction, and anyone that visits London does take a ride on the bus, the second floor of the double-decker bus is usually open. This gives the bus a very classical look. This model of the double-decker bus is amazingly detailed. The bus is made out of wood and is mainly red in colour, and the bus has 3 large windows and a large windshield from which the bus driver figurine can clearly be seen. The top of the bus is open which gives it a really great look, the seats on the top floor are removable, and all the figurines in the bus are removable and can replace their seats.

Apart from being a really fun toy, this bus can also be a really great decoration. The bus is made up of quality material which makes this toy really strong.

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#4 – Jaques of London Noahs Ark Early Learning Animal Shape Sorter Toy

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The No products found. is a great wooden toy for 2-year-olds, this toy is not only fun to play with, but it also tells the reader a story, the story of Noah and his followers who survived a storm that completely wiped the population of the earth.  Noah also kept a pair of every animal on his boat so that life would continue after the storm. This wooden toy set contains a beautiful boat that has a very simple and playful design. Apart from the boat, the set contains a lot of animals like giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras, etc. All of the animals can easily be fitted into the boat. Your little one would love to play with this toy set while listening to the story of Noah. This will surely enhance their experience, apart from a perfect storytime, your child’s imaginative skills will also enhance playing with this wooden toy set.

Everything in this set is made up of superior quality wood, which is sturdy and will surely not break. The edges are smooth so they do not hurt your little one. The wooden toy is painted with a bright variety of colours that are non-toxic and completely safe for children’s making it a perfect gift.

#5 – Jaques of London Shape Sorting Teaching Clock

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The No products found. is an awesome wooden toy for 2-year-olds that is a 3-in-1 and will be absolutely loved by your little one. Upon the first look, you might think that this wooden toy is just a small wall clock for kids but it is much more than that. The wooden clock has differently shaped empty spaces in place of numbers that are only filled with similarly shaped wooden pieces carved out of wood with numbers written on them. Apart from being numbers on a clock, these wooden pieces can be threaded. Each wooden piece has a hole inside it from which a thread can be passed and it can be made into a beautiful number necklace. The wooden pieces can also be stacked on top of each other. By playing with this toy, your little one will learn to identify numbers and shapes which will develop his brain and make them much sharper, apart from that it will also increase your child’s fine motor skills.

This toy set is made up of premium quality wood. The toy is coloured with bright and colourful water-based paints that are non-toxic and completely safe for your little one making it a perfect gift.

#6 – Quokka Educational Wooden Puzzles

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The No products found. is an awesome wooden toy for 2-year-olds that is interactive and would keep your little one busy for hours. This toy is a wooden puzzle set but the wooden puzzles are actually a little different as it is built for much smaller kids. The slots for the puzzles are already made in the wooden sheet with photos so that it’s is easier to identify.
The set comes with 3 wooden puzzles, one is for farm animals, the second for sea animals, and the third for wild animals. All these puzzles will teach your little one about animals and their types while having fun. The animal images on the wood are actually printed and no stickers are used. Water-resistant paint is used on the puzzle pieces, and the puzzle set is completely safe for your little one.

Puzzles are great learning wooden toys for 2-year-olds, as puzzles develop eye-hand coordination, fine motor, and problem-solving skills which make this puzzle set the best gift. Each puzzle piece in this set is made up of high-quality material which makes it sturdy and long-lasting.

#7 – Jaques of London Low Loader

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The No products found. is a fantastic wooden construction vehicle set that your little one would absolutely love to play with, if your child is someone that is fascinated by cars and trucks then you should definitely buy this toy for them. This toy set contains a total of 3 vehicles which include; a trailer, a roller vehicle that is used to level the ground, and a power shovel that is used to pick things up. The trailer is really long and is completely made out of wood, and the back of the trailer is detachable through a hook. The roller and the power shovel both have different playful colours, they can be kept at the back of the trailer.

Playing with this wooden toy will provide endless imaginative play and fun to your child.

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#8 – TOP BRIGHT Toddler Threading Toys

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The No products found. is a great educational wooden toy for 2-year-olds that will surely keep your little one engaged and teach them while having fun. This toy is a threading toy that uses numbers and shapes carved on small different colour wooden blocks as beads, this toy has 10 square numbered blocks and 8 unique shaped blocks. Playing with this toy would teach your little one to better identify colours, shapes, and numbers, and it will also teach your child spatial reasoning and enhance their fine motor skills.

These toys are made up of superior quality wood which makes this toy very strong and sturdy, the corners of the wooden pieces are smooth and polished making them safe for your toddler’s little hands.

#9 – Oligo Primary Stringing Bead Set

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The No products found. is an amazing threading wooden toy for 2-year-olds that your little one would love to play with, this threading toy is an amazing gift for birthdays and Christmases. This threading toy has 75 beads in total which are divided into four categories of beads; numbers, cars, letters, and shapes. Your toddler can make all kinds of interesting designs by threading these beads together. Apart from being so much fun this threading toy will develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and will also boost their creativity and imagination.

This threading toy is made up of MDF material which makes them strong and durable, each bead is painted with water-based paint which is non-toxic and completely safe, the corners of each bead are smooth and polished which makes this threading toy completely safe for your little one. This threading toy comes in a good quality drawstring bag which makes it easy to store.


Wooden toys are better than most toys made out of plastic for many aspects. Playing with wooden toys is a whole lot of fun and also has a lot of benefits for your little one. Wooden toys are much more environmentally friendly than plastic toys, as plastic waste is toxic and takes a century to decompose. Apart from being environmental friendly wooden toys are also far safer as children like to bite their toys and small pieces can break apart from a plastic toy which can be dangerous. Wooden toys, however, are very sturdy and don’t break off easily. Wooden toys also have a timeless look and feel which makes it a great décor and adds a modern look to the room. Before buying any wooden toy for your 2-year-old, make sure that you have read the description correctly so you select the best toy for your 2-year-old. We hope that we might have made buying wooden toys for a 2-year-old easier for you.

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