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Where to take a 1 year old? Struggles of new parents

Where to take a 1 year old – so many parents ask about it!

Where to take a 1 year old child to engage him throughout the day? Well, not all places are appropriate for youngsters. Ordering your kid to quit touching things or running behind him throughout the place isn’t a pleasant method to spend your day. Furthermore, spending a ton on child care may not be meet your financial plan.

It is hard to find places where you can take your 1-year-old kid. It is very important to find places where your kid can roam easily without getting in trouble with bigger kids. Here, in this article, we have brought some of the safe places where you can take your 1-year-old kid.

Where to take a 1 year old – couple of suggestions

All of the following activities can be done throughout the year, and some of them are seasonal. Look at the following list:

Toddlers park 

1-year-old kids will love just any park. However, one appropriate for the 1-year-old age is ideal. Search for parks and playgrounds with low structures, full fencing to support safety, and an open-air environment for open-ended play. You can engage your kid with the sandboxes, structure climbing activities, chase him across in the grass, and many more. Parks offer a variety of activities for a 1-year-old kid. Moreover, visit the park in the morning, in the early evening when it’s cool, and during school, hours to keep away from crowds and bigger kids.

Toddlers swim sessions

Swim sessions can be really fun. Sometimes these places can get crowded for a 1-year-old kid. Therefore, look for all things being equal, check your neighborhood places and pools to check whether they have programs for little children. This may incorporate a mom-and-child swim class or a baby swimming territory that is a no-go for older children. A shower or sprinkler park can incorporate a part for children and babies, allowing your 1-year-old to play freely. You can reach a private pool, a common pool among residents, or even your own. Swimming on the shallow side will be perfect for your little kid.

Indoor playgrounds

Indoor parks and playgrounds are an incredible alternative to being outside, particularly during harsh climates. Investigate your area for indoor playgrounds like indoor children’s gyms, trampoline parks, and jumping castles. Moreover, most of them expect payments to play so; you can save these options for special events or once-in-a-year treats. Many indoor playgrounds offer a free trial; you can take your child there and get an idea of his preferences. Also, visit the indoor playgrounds during school hours to avoid crowds.


Where to take a 1-year-old kid to spend the day? Well, now you have a few thoughts and ideas, both inside and out, to take your baby! All three options from above are rather free or reasonable and permit your child to play and investigate nature and himself. Some more options may include beaches, zoo, community classes, library, children museums, malls, etc.

No more boredom and being at home doing similar exercises daily!

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