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When Do Toddlers Stop Taking Naps – Don’t know yet?

When do toddlers stop taking naps? So many people don’t know that!

Do you want to know when do toddlers stop taking naps? Read through this articles which provides you with all the information needed about the topic. In case you have seen the toddlers around you, they are always in a hurry or have a curiosity about things. They are super energetic and keep on going here and there or poking to almost everything that comes in their range. In the start, they will follow the two times napping schedule, one in the afternoon and one at night or in the morning after keeping you up all night.

But when they start growing up, you may see the disturbance in their sleep timings. It is not something that you should take lightly. The kids will never let you rest or take a nap while they are up. Secondly, their time of sleep is when they grow, so it is necessary for them.

When do toddlers stop taking naps?

There comes a certain time in their lives when they stop napping properly. You should not worry about them because it indicates that your kid is growing up and entering a new stage of their life. Toddlers stop napping when they do not feel the need for it to gain energy. As we keep on growing old, we make our sleeping to a lesser extent of time. 

There are the following times when you will see them taking naps for shorter times.

The problem of napping on schedule

 You will see your toddlers at a point when they will not require sleeping like before as they do not need that much of their energy refill. They will sing songs or start playing with toys at their time of sleep, which means that they are not sleeping at the right time and their schedule is asking for some adjustments.     

Change in attitude

Kids behave differently when they are sleepy. They become irritated and keeps on crying and making a fuss about it. Responding in terms of emotions should not be affected through lack of sleep. When you see your kid in such a position in the evening, it indicates that they should sleep and take proper afternoon naps.

Sleepiness makes lazy

It might be possible that your kid refuses to sleep in the noon and wants to keep on playing. But later, after the evening time passes, you may find them tired and yawning now and then or start to rub their eyes more frequently. It will make them lazy and being zoned out most of the time. 

Oversleeping at day time

It is also common that kids tend to sleep for longer times till the evening. Who can stop them? They have no task or duty to take to completion. Their only duty is to play and asking about every different random thing. If they are having a long nap, they will not make the same routine. Either they will not sleep and stay up along with you, or they will get up early in the morning.

We hope now you know when do toddler stop taking naps. These are some of the times when you will find your kid not sleeping and staying up. Although it is a good sign that they are entering adultery, too much non-sleepiness will be a bad thing to tackle.

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