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An Unusual Play Wendy House with a Difference

Garden Games Limited Crooked Tower Pre Painted Wooden Play House Toys & GamesMost 2 year olds and older children love playing in wendy houses. They’re perfect for pretend play and a great outlet for a child’s growing imagination, either alone or with friends. They’re also a good opportunity to play outdoors, even on a rainy day.

There are plenty of hideous plastic play wendy houses available, but a lot of parents like to buy something more tasteful. Wooden play houses are a great choice of toy for 2 year old that will last for many years as the child gets older.

A lot of wooden wendy houses are advertised as being for older children only. Here’s an unusual wendy house that is suitable for children aged 18 months upwards.

I love this wendy house because it’s just so different and unusual. The crooked house design is really quirky and will add interest to any garden or outdoor space, either at home or nursery. It’s beautifully made and a feature that the whole family can treasure for years.

The reason this outdoor play house is suitable for 2 year olds and pre-school children is that it’s not too high off the ground. The 3-rung ladder isn’t too high for a 2 year old to climb on their own. The slide is just the right size for a 2 year old.

The wendy house has lots of little details to make it more special, which highlight the overall quality. You can choose which side to have the slide and latter, making it fit your garden better. The window and door open and close and have soft-close magnets, which makes them safer for younger children such as 2 year olds. The painted wooden walls and other features are lovely features – colourful enough to capture a young child’s imagination but not too bright or garish. There are other nice touches such as skylights and a quirky chimney.

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Cheaper wooden wendy house without slide

Unusual outdoor play houseIf you’re short of outdoor space or are on a smaller budget then the crooked wooden wendy house is also available without the raised platform, ladder or slide. This is very similar to the one with the slide, but is on ground level. This will be safer for some 2 year olds and less of a dominant feature in your garden.

This wendy house has all the unusual features of the taller wooden play house and the same quirky crooked design, but it’s smaller and less expensive.

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