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Posters – unusual gift for 2 year olds

If you’re looking for an unusual gift for a 2 year old, why not buy a poster of something they love?

Posters for 2 year old boys

2 year old children have such strong likes and dislikes – for example, their favourite TV program. A poster of something they’re passionate about is guaranteed to bring a smile on their birthday – and whenever they see it on the wall.

Unlike with many toys for 2 year olds, you can be pretty confident that no one else at the birthday party will have bought the same thing.

Here’s a selection of posters that I think make great gifts for 2 year olds.

Giant wall murals for 2 year olds

Toy for 2 year old Peppa Pig A wall mural will inject instant character into a 2 year old’s bedroom. They’ll love waking up in the morning to see characters or animals they love – it’s as if their best friends are with them all the time!

Educational posters to help 2 year olds learn

I believe that 2 year olds really benefit from having brightly coloured educational posters in the home. The best educational posters for 2 year olds focus on the things they’re learning at the moment such as colours, words and the alphabet (very basic at this age). The following posters are designed to help 2 year olds with these – displaying these posters in the home will encourage you to discuss them with your 2 year old on a daily basis:

  • Alphabet poster for 2 year oldLearn the Alphabet poster – a blue poster with fun pictures of things starting with each letter, designed to engage 2 year olds.
  • Fun with the Alphabet poster – another lovely poster to help 2 year olds start to learn the alphabet in a fun way.
  • Know your Phonic Sounds poster – education experts recommend phonic sounds to help 2 year olds learn to say different sounds. This poster lists all the sounds and helps you learn how to say them in a way your 2 year old will remember. It gives examples of different things that use each sound and has lovely pictures to illustrate each one.
  • Know your Colours poster – a lovely colourful poster showing all the colours, with fun examples of things that are each colour.

Fun posters ideal for 2 year olds

The choice of posters for 2 year olds is endless, but here are some good ones:

Lifesize cut outs of characters aimed at 2 year olds

Poster for 2 year old boyAlthough not strictly ‘poster’, a life size cut out will astound a 2 year old. There are some great options available for under £30 including Buzz Lightyear, Sponge Bob Square Pants and more.

They’re quite big but fold away and are easy to store, and 2 year olds just love them!

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