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Looking for a great toy for a 2 year old’s birthday present? I think the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm is a great find – and with a an excellent rating on Amazon, plenty of mums and dads agree!

What does it do?

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds FarmThe touch and feel farm comes with 4 animals – a horse, pig, cow and chicken. They’re just the right size for a 2 year old to play with easily. It also comes with Farmer Jed and a silo. The toys are friendly-looking and 2 year olds can easily recognise the animals without them being too boring and lifelike.

The farm makes fun animal sounds, which I think is great as most 2 year olds love learning to animal sounds.

As a nice extra touch, children can learn what each animal feels like too – the cow feels ‘cottony’, the horse feels ‘hairy’, the sheep is ‘woolly’ and the pig even has a fun wiggly tail!
Toy farm for 2 year oldThere’s plenty to keep children occupied – 2 year olds who already have this toy farm love pushing the animals around, opening and shutting the gates and putting the animals in and out of their pens.

And now for the boring stuff – every part of this toy is easy to wash and sturdily made. However hard they bang the gates shut, they’re not easy to break.

Is it worth it?

At around £25, this toy farm is the right price for a 2 year old’s birthday present. At 40cm big with loads of extras, you get a lot for your money. It’s aimed at 1-5 years, so a 2 year old shouldn’t grow out of it too soon. It’s a great unisex toy and will appeal equally to 2 year old boys and girls, so I think it’s a fantastic toy.


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