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Outdoor climbing frame for a 2 year old – 12 options [November 2021]

Climbing Frames and Toddlers

Climbing frames are a great way to encourage your little ones to play independently while getting them outdoors for fresh air and fewer electronics and screens. A climbing frame for a 2 year old is the best bet for you. Indoor and outdoor climbing frames give ample opportunity for 2 year olds to stay active and use their creativity. They will give children a sense of adventure and fun, while also encouraging socialising with their siblings and playdate friends.

Finding a solid toddler climbing frame can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of climbing frames for 2 year olds available on the market right now. There is no reason to spend hours searching, or opening an excruciating number of tabs on your internet browser window when you can refer to this guide to finalise your decision for the best climbing frame for your 2 year old child. A climbing frame will not only be the perfect addition to occupy your child, but also add to and enhance your yard or garden. You’ll see that many of the climbing frames on this list have aesthetic features that are easy on the eyes and can add lovely decor to your home, without being an eyesore.

When looking for a quality climbing frame for your 2 year old, you will want safety to be your utmost priority. The following climbing frames all include a form of safety feature to put your mind at ease while your 2 year old is busy at play. The materials and construction of the climbing frames are important to assess for this reason. These climbing frames, as you will see, have all passed strict safety tests to give you peace of mind. You will probably also want a set that will last for many years. For this reason, this list entails climbing frames that are durable and are made to last and withstand years of your children’s wear and tear. This includes UV-resistent plastics and specially treated wood materials. You may even want to look for one that will grow with your child and suit their needs as they grow older. You will also want the best outdoor climbing frame that will withstand all types of seasonal weather and wear-and-tear.

Without further hesitation, here is a comprehensive list of the best climbing frames for 2 year olds.

Top 12 climbing frames reviewed in this article

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#1 WINNER – Feber Activities Center

Feber Activities Center, Multicoloured, No Size

The Feber Activities Center is the winner of the best climbing frame for your 2 year old! It is a complete activity center, guaranteed to keep your toddler busy and active for hours on end. Your little one can enter the structure through one of the three sides, climbing or crawling. They can exit with the same ease, or they can slide down the safe slide attachment. This truly is an all-in-one climbing frame!

The structure is safe, being as it is as tall as the average one-year-old. The slide attached to the climbing frame measures 100cm in length, which is just long enough for little ones to feel the exhilaration of sliding down a sizable slide, while still maintaining its safety. Its bright colors and array of shapes and figures will delight your two-year-old’s senses as they climb and maneuver the playset. This climbing frame also encourages playdates and socialization since more than one child can play on the structure at a time.

The Feber Activities Center is easy to assemble, so your two-year-old will be well on their way to climbing fun in no time. It is recommended for ages 2 and up, so this climbing frame for a 2 year old will suit your child’s needs and grow with them for years to come. Since safety is everyone’s number one priority, this climbing frame will guarantee your toddler will not incur splinters or injury during use.

Parents have reviewed this product extensively all over the internet. The general consensus is that it is a quality play-set that will be an exciting addition to their home for a long time. It is said to be easy to assemble and they say that their children love the climbing frame as an amazing activity center for their toddlers. Parents also applaud the company’s customer service measures, giving them prompt response times and being most helpful if there are any issues.

This product is also an excellent option as a climbing frame for a 1 year old. Toddlers, and older children alike will benefit

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#2 Smoby Kids Playhouse on Stilts with Slide

The Smoby Kids Playhouse is the second-best pick for the best climbing frame for your two-year-old. This climbing frame is like a dream treehouse, propped on stilted legs for easy climb-on, slide-off access. It is safe and attractive and will keep your toddler busy for hours on end.

Smoby Kids Playhouse on Stilts with Slide | Strong and Durable Wendy House, Suitable for Outdoor and Garden Use

The Smoby Kids Playhouse features a large 70cm platform, which will give your two-year-old ample room to play and safely experience a fun time high off the ground. The excitement in this climbing frame will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. The style will bring a beautiful aesthetic to your home and garden. It doesn’t hurt to blend your children’s toys along with your decor.

The Smoby Kids Playhouse has fun, life-like, and decorative features. Like a real house, the structure has a half-door, two windows with louvered shutters, one porthole window, and two sliding shutters. It is also decorated with fun, toddler-friendly cats and birds. This outdoor climbing frame for toddlers is additionally a beautiful accessory for your yard or garden.

The climbing frame is made of blow-molded side walls and injected facades. This makes is strong and stable, giving you peace of mind while your children play safely outside on the playset. It is super fun and super safe, at the same time. Safety is a priority with the best climbing frames for 2 year olds.

This climbing frame is suitable for ages two and up. It has a maximum weight capacity of 50kg and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. A climbing frame like this can be spiffed up to be even more life-like. Add a working doorbell for your child to be amazed, or put up picture frames or plants for more decor to make it like your own home, and encourage your child’s imagination.

The Smoby Kids Playhouse is manufactured in France and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. It is high quality and anti-UV treated, so you can be certain that this beautiful product will last for years to come. The Smoby Kids Playhouse is safe, as it’s been quality tested for the use of children.

People who have purchased the Smoby Kids Playhouse have raved about its sturdiness and attractiveness. They say that their children have fun for hours on the climbing frame and thoroughly enjoyed its features. Many reviewers said they would purchase this again and recommend it to other parents looking for a quality climbing frame for a 2 year old.

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#3 Little Tykes Twin Slide Tunnel Climber

The Little Tykes Twin Slide Tunnel Climber is another ideal climbing frame for your two-year-old. This all-in-one climbing frame is made for loads of fun! There is plenty of room for several children on this climbing frame, making for a fun, interactive, social time for your toddler.

Little Tikes Twin Slide Tunnel Climber - Climb, Crawl, & Slide - Active Play Promotes Physical Development - Indoor or Outdoor Playset

The Little Tikes Twin Slide Tunnel Climber will provide your two-year-old and their siblings and friends with hours of entertainment and quality outdoor time. The playset features two slides: one is straight, and one is wavy, to give toddlers the variety we all know they need. The platform is sturdy and durable to ensure your child’s safety and will grow with them to ensure lots of fun for years to come. It is also a great climbing frame for families who entertain playdates with other children, since it accommodates more than two children on the apparatus at a time.

Easy assembly is required for this climbing frame. Along with two slides, it also features a ground-level tunnel and crawl-through openings. It is recommended for children ages two and up. It weighs 35.5kg and measures 152cm x 160cm x 142cm. This is another climbing frame that will grow with your child. The tunnel will fit a growing child and accommodate more than one child playing on it at a time.

If promoting outdoor play and physical development is important to you and your family, this is the climbing frame for you. Other parents have touted this climbing frame in reviews. They have said that it is perfect for preschool use and beyond. They also appreciated the double slide feature, and the bigger size of the climbing frame, since it accommodates more children to play together on it. Most of the many reviews were five stars, and that’s a great sign of an excellent product.

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#4 Set of Montessori Foldable Pikler Triangle, Sliding Board and Pikler Arch

This set of No products found. is a wooden climbing frame for toddlers. Your two-year-old will enjoy this set made for indoor use. The three featured components work in tandem to facilitate movement and physical activity for your little one. Montessori learning is learning through independent play, and this play set accommodates the learning style perfectly.

No products found.

This toddler and kids climbing frame with grow with your two-year-old for many years to come. It can be used in all weather, at any season, with it’s indoor use durability. The three components can be configured in different formats, for an infinite amount of play options that your child will never tire of. It is an excellent training toy, designed to develop children’s natural movement abilities, muscles, balance control, courage, and curiosity.

All items in this indoor climbing frame are made from Baltic Birch Plywood. The round bars are made from Aspen wood, and every part has been sanded and smoothed for safe use. The measurements of the parts are as follows: Small Pikler Triangle 33.8in x 25.6in x 27.5in (86cm x 65cm x 70cm); Pikler Arch 28.3in x 24.4in x 14.2in (72cm x 62cm x 36cm); Sliding Board 39.4in x 17.7in x 2.4in (100cm x 45cm x 6cm).

The climbing frame will be shipped to you disassembled and requires simple, quick assembly. Instructions and assembly pages are included, to ease the process. The manufacturer reminds adults to not leave children unattended while playing on this set, as you should do on all play structures. The company also boasts the developmental features of the Montessori play set, as it facilitates learning and growth through play.

Per other parents’ reviews of the Montessori Foldable Pikler Triangle, Sliding Board, and Pikler Arch, many have mentioned it versatility. Parents agree that this climbing frame for a 2 year old is fun and exciting in many ways, and doesn’t get boring too quickly for toddlers. They felt it was well-packaged and that the instructions were easy to follow. Some even enlisted the “help” of their 2 year old to assemble the climbing frame! Overall, it was given many five-star reviews and the majority of parents and families highly recommended it.

No products found.

#5 MAMOI Climbing Frame Triangle Gym

The MAMOI Climbing Frame Triangle Gym is a modern triangle climbing frame for a 2 year old. With its minimalistic design and polished wood materials, this set is a beautiful addition to your yard. As you can see, style and aesthetics are both valued qualities when choosing a climbing frame. Not only should the unit be appealing to little ones, to encourage them to play on them, but also to adults, since we’re the ones who need to look at it. No one wants to add an eye-sore to their home.

MAMOI® Indoor climbing triangle with slide for kids, Baby climbing frame, Wooden toddler gym for children outside and outdoor, Frames and slides, toys for toddlers

The MAMOI climbing frame is made durable and stable for children. It is completely safe and will provide for hours of fun and play. The wood parts on the gym are completely polished and smooth, so there will be no worries of splinters or injury. The triangle-shaped structure is mounted with durable t-bolts and meets the strict EN and CE safety requirements.

Your two-year-old will have a great time on this climbing frame while it looks beautiful in your yard or garden. It is made out of pinewood and was cut using the CNC method and with high-quality plywood. The climbing frame is environmentally friendly as it is safe for kids and toddlers alike. It is available in a natural finish since the production process uses ecological oiling and lacquering that do not sensitize.

Simple assembly is required for this outdoor climbing frame due to the climbing rod being made with high precision. The product can bear up to 50kg of weight and can be adapted for use by children of various ages, depending on their weight and height.

The modern interior climbing frame gives your yard or garden a modern look with the raw wood appearance. The lightness of the wood color brightens any space and fits each decor. The ladder is simply designed and also has a natural finish. The product can be used outdoors, but should be set up in a dry and clean place. Due to its natural materials, it cannot be exposed to adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. 

According to buyers’ reviews, this climbing frame is easy to construct and of excellent quality. They say it does the trick with extra busy toddlers and encourages safe climbing and playing. They go on to applaud this set for promoting their toddler’s gross motor skill development and risk-taking skills. Many said that their order arrived quickly and it’s a solid, movable piece they recommend to anyone.

Also, it’s relatively small compared to other options featured in this article. You can consider it as a mini climbing frame..

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#6 MAMOI Climbing Frame Curved

Like the product above, this climbing frame is made from the same manufacturer and is of the same high quality. Your two-year-old will adore the design of this climbing frame with the bridge-like ladder, giving it a unique look and experience for little ones. It is another beautiful piece that children will gravitate towards and want to play on, and it will look great in your yard or garden.

MAMOI® Indoor climbing frame with slide for toddlers, Wooden baby gym, Play gym rocker toys made of wood for toddler, Rockers climbing frame

This climbing frame triangle ensures a safe, fun time at home. The product meets strict EN and CE safety requirements. It is made from high-quality pine wood and plywood. Its elements are connected using steel bolts. The covered tower is exceptionally durable, and it can be used as rocker and ladder.

The product is made from environmentally-friendly materials such as natural wood and plywood and is secured using ecological preparations that are safe for children. No toxic paints or lacquers were used during the production of the climbing frame. The triangle elements fascinate toddlers with their simple and natural raw wood appearance. Elements are thoroughly polished and cut using the CNC method.

The triangle is inscribed in the form of the crib and is a multi-functional toy that can be used as a climbing frame or a crib. There is some assembly required and it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It also includes handles for comfortable transportation.

The simple and modern design of the MOMOI Climbing Frame will fit each child’s room. The bright wood gives a light appearance. The indoor/outdoor climbing frame has the form of an arc and is free of sharp edges. As a crib, it can be supplemented with colourful pillows and blankets. The climbing tower is a timeless toy designed to support the motor development of children.

Parents rave about this playset for its fantastic quality and reasonable pricing. They say that their children had fun right away upon assembly and that they expect to have this climbing frame for a long time. They also commented on the unique style of the ladder, and that it is different than most climbing frames available on the market.

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#7 Move and Stic Mila Play House with Toddler Slide

Your two-year-old will love the Move and Stic Mila Play House with Toddler Slide. It can go in their bedrooms or playrooms, giving them the opportunity for climbing frame fun at all hours of the day, regardless of the weather. The multi-colored design is appealing to children and adults alike.

Move and Stic Mila Play House with Toddler Slide for Children's Bedrooms or Playrooms, Suitable for Garden, Multicoloured

This colorful playhouse will offer your little ones lots of fun while training their motor skills and allowing them to try out new things, again and again. It has an inviting toddler slide that will keep children occupied for a long time. The model itself can be adjusted and customized with additional parts. For example, with a little imagination, a shelf can be transformed into a cuddly cave or even an entire climbing park.

Your toddler will be delighted by the magnificent world of creative building with the Move and Stic building frame. The unique system consists of tubes, couplings and plates in child-friendly colors, that are plugged and screwed together. Move and Stic building kits are modular, and can be installed one below the other to adapt to any room or surrounding.

The Move and Stic climbing frame is weatherproof and is made of high-quality, UV-resistant, recyclable plastic. It is easy to clean and easy to assemble. The size of this outdoor playset measures 154cm x 94cm x 114cm. This playset is big enough to accommodate other siblings and playdates alike.

Parents’ reviews mention this climbing frame specifically when they say that this set saved them during the pandemic. Many children were climbing the walls, not being able to socialise and/or go to school, that this indoor/outdoor climbing frame saved their sanity, and kept their children amused for hours on end. They also applauded the sturdiness of the structure and its size, being that children do not hurt themselves should they fall.

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#8 WICKEY Wooden Climbing Frame FreeFlyer with Swing Set and Green Slide

This outdoor climbing frame will delight your two-year-old now, and for many years to come. It is a complete playhouse, with swings, a sandpit, a climbing ladder, and fun play accessories. The variety of accessories will entice your little one to want to go outdoors. and spend more time playing outside than inside.

No products found.

The No products found. is essentially an outdoor play tower that features a prominent green slide and loads of accessories. It is made out of pressure-treated solid wood, with no painting necessary. Its swing beam measures 9x9cm and you can configure the components in multiple ways to best suit your needs.

The outdoor climbing frame has been quality and safety tested. It entails a wide play platform, safety hand grips, an all-weather roof tarpaulin, three climbing options, and a wave slide. It also includes comprehensive assembly instructions for easy construction and was made in Germany. The climbing frame will last your 2 year old for many, many years to come with the product’s 10-year guarantee on all wooden parts.

Buyers say that this is a great product, and took no more time to construct than was expected. They are glad they purchased this set, and their children were thrilled with the purchase. Parents commented on the good-quality materials and recommend this product to anyone looking for a climbing frame of the same features.

Because of it’s wooden style finishings, this product will serve great as a garden climbing frame.

No products found.

#9 MonkeyFort Wilderness Wooden Climbing Frame

The MonkeyFort Wilderness wooden climbing frame is the perfect birthday present for your two-year-old. If you are losing your children to modern-day technology and you want to encourage them into the great outdoors, then this is the perfect climbing frame for you. You can let your children loose on the monkey swing or have them watch out for “intruders” from the top of the tower. Whatever you choose, your two-year-old is sure to have a blast and get plenty of exercise in the fresh air.

Monkey Bars Climbing Frame Pressure Treated Playhouse Wave Slide Swing Set - MonkeyFort® Wilderness

This climbing frame is suitable for outdoor use only. It has been fully pressure-treated to ensure it lasts. Many climbing frame companies only dip treat their timber, which means you would need to completely dismantle the whole thing every year and treat each individual part. This company offers a genuine 10-Year Protection plan against rot and insect infestation, with no need for you to retreat the climbing frame for at least 10 years.

It features many fun accessories to delight your toddler. There is a comfortable swing seat, made of thick molded plastic, and an extra thick wave slide. The monkey bars and ladders feature grooved grips, also for your toddler’s comfort during play. It has professional-grade climbing stones leading to a tower platform. The sandpit is an added fun, space-saving feature as well.

Previous buyers have said that this climbing frame was not too difficult to assemble and that it looks good, too. They say it is a fantastic product and an even more fantastic company. Their kids love it and it was of great quality. Overall, they recommended this climbing frame to prospective buyers.

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#10 WICKEY Wooden Climbing Frame SeaFlyer with Swing Set and Blue Slide

This WICKEY Climbing frame is suitable for your two-year-old toddler with a slide, swing, rope ladder, and sandbox. It is another playhouse on stilts that includes a variety of fun features for your little one.

WICKEY Wooden climbing frame SeaFlyer with swing set & blue slide, Outdoor kids playhouse with sandpit, climbing ladder & play-accessories for the garden

This kids outdoor climber with slide is made out of pressure-treated solid wood, which means no painting is necessary. The swing beam measures 9cm x 9cm and multiple configurations are possible. It is safety and quality tested and includes comprehensive assembly instructions for easy construction. You will benefit from a 10-year guarantee on all wooden parts of your climbing frame by ordering “10 WICKEY angle anchors” at the same time. This will ensure your two-year-old toddler will enjoy this climbing frame for many, many years to come.

Other features include an optional double swing, an all-weather roof tarpaulin, a decorative ship front design with three mounting options, and a sandpit. The company’s dream is to inspire children and encourage them to go out on their own adventures, right from their very own home, and this climbing frame will do just that.

Parents who purchased this climbing frame have said that it is of good quality for the money. Some say it was proved invaluable during the lockdown during the pandemic. They say the frame is sturdy and they believe their children will have fun with it for years to come. They also noted the customizable feature of having the ability to configure the parts in different ways, as an added plus to this product.

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#11 WICKEY Wooden Climbing Frame TurboFlyer

WICKEY Wooden Climbing Frame TurboFlyer will delight your 2 year old with its included swing set and attractive blue slide. It includes a garden playhouse with a sandpit, climbing ladder, and other fun play-accessories. The multiple play features on this set will keep children occupied for hours because they won’t get bored easily with so much to do.

WICKEY Wooden climbing frame TurboFlyer with swing set & blue slide, Outdoor kids playhouse with sandpit, climbing ladder & play-accessories for the garden

2 year olds will have an infinite amount of fun with this kids outdoor climbing frame. Not only does it have the features listed above, but it also includes accessories such as a slide with a water connection, a swing seat with adjustable ropes, and a rope ladder with wooden rungs. Its three swing hooks have plastic bearings with a wooden swing connector. There are five climbing stones for your toddler to build their muscles and a plastic telescope and telephone for imaginary play. Other features include an optional all-weather roof tarpaulin, an awning, and of course, a sandpit.

There are many safety features for this climbing frame with a slide. It comes with all required screws, a 2-piece safety cap to cover the screws, and comprehensive assembly instructions for easy construction. These features make this a great climbing frame for your two-year-old toddler. As mentioned, safety is a primary concern when purchasing a climbing frame, and this product has it covered.

Previous purchasers of this product claim that it looks really good in their yards. One, who has an autistic child, said this frame had the sturdiness they needed to suit their son’s special needs. They say it is extremely well-built and a good price for the quality. They also applaud the company’s prompt, reliable customer service when communicating with them for inquiries about the product.

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#12 Dunster House® BalconyFort™ Searcher Wooden Playhouse

This last climbing frame with slide is a monster of a frame for your toddler, and is certain to grow with them from age two and up. It is a wooden playhouse climbing frame with an outdoor play tower and monkey bar seing set. It also features a “clubhouse” hang out for your little ones to keep them busy and outdoors for hours on end.

Wooden Playhouse Climbing Frame Childrens Outdoor Play Tower Monkey Bar Swing Set Club House - Dunster House® BalconyFort™ Searcher

Your two-year-old will delight in this durable wooden playhouse, suitable for children of all ages. As mentioned, it includes a tower, slide, two swings, balcony platform, monkey bars, and a ladder with professional-grade climbing stones are all included. There’s even a hidden den for loads of imaginative play. Ground anchors are also supplied with the purchase of this set. It is made of pressure-treated timber and is low maintenance and long-lasting. It even features a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

The BalconyFort Searcher will bring your two-year-old’s garden adventures to new heights. You’ll watch your toddler defy all odds as they swing across an invisible river of lava, cross monkey bars, and slide their way down the wavy slide down for safety. On this pressure-treated children’s climbing frame, your fearless warrior toddlers can take their battles outside and have any number of adventures using this independently tested BalconyFort Searcher climbing frame.

Reviews for this climbing frame indicate that it was easily assembled and kids of all ages loved it. They say it is a great product and highly recommend it to anyone with young children. Many said that it was a good value for the price and they would purchase again for themselves or to gift to others.

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Climbing frames are a great investment for toddlers as young as two years old to enjoy and motivate their minds and bodies to spend more time outdoors. The above twelve indoor and outdoor climbing frames were specially chosen as the best of the best. They all promote safety as the number one quality, followed by quality materials and entertainment level for children. They also share a common feature of the ability to grow with your child. If you make the investment of purchasing a climbing frame for your two-year-old, you can be sure they will continue to use and enjoy it until their teens.

You might also try the Step 2 big climber (click the link to see a few options, available in the US only).

As mentioned, finding a good-quality toddler climbing frame can be a tough decision. With the hundreds of indoor and outdoor climbing frames available on the market today, hopefully this guide helped narrow down the choices for you to make a better educated decision. Please feel free to refer to this guide to finalise your decision for the best climbing frame for your 2 year old child.

By the way, if you are into climbing yourself and the baby hasn’t arrived yet you might want to read about climbing while pregnant here (!).

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  1. Great list, the Little Tikes Sunshine Junior Activity Gym is so popular, all my friends with kids seem to have one (probably because it is one of the cheapest you can get).

    Have you heard of a frame called Little Tikes 8 in 1 Playground? A good friend had this one and it really amazed me how cool it was. Basically you can shift bits around and connect things differently and create 8 (slightly) different frames. It is more expensive than the top climbing frame on here.

    p.s. none of the links through to the frames work at the moment, you may want to look at this.

    1. Hi Neil, no I hadn’t heard of the Little Tikes 8 in 1 Playground – but it looks fantastic and I have added it to this article! Thanks for letting me know about it! Thanks also for letting me know about the links, these are fixed now.

  2. “You will want safety to be your utmost priority”. That is well said! It’s really important for this particular product!

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