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So, you’re in the market for a toddler pushchair toy, why wouldn’t you be? Teaching your kids the idea of parenthood is perhaps one of the first things you’d want to consider and it’s the perfect practice for both genders. Not to mention, these products have multiple purposes besides the great role play and sensory benefits they provide. One example of their benefits is that they aid in your child’s walking ability, as having them push something such as a pushchair/pram or cart will require them to walk.

They also serve as a great way to keep your young one busy, so that you can either work from the home office, or maybe even do the family food shop in peace. Having them play with their pushchair toy might make them better behaved in the real pushchair as well.

When it comes to purchasing the right one, you’ll be deciding based on realism, safety, price and availability. Afterterall, buying the perfect pushchair toy, or any toy for that matter, is certainly dependent on both your child’s needs, such as age, height, interests, as well as your budget and today, we’ll break it down simply step by step to present to you, our top 10 list.

My 5 top picks

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Top 10 – toddler pushchair toy

#1 WINNER – Bayer Design Puppenwagen Toddler Pushchair Toy

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The No products found. takes our number one spot due to it’s sturdy and not to mention, safe design. The number of features on this toddler pushchair toy make purchasing it a no-brainer and let me explain why. The detachable shoulder bag can be used to carry your little one’s toy purse, books and anything else they desire. Acting as almost a toy in itself, this bag is just one of few amazing extras the No products found. has to offer. Located underneath the pushchair is a shopping basket, perfect for holding cooking role play toys – which have taken off in the market over the past few years. The adjustable handle is the final feature which brought this pushchair to number one, ranging from 39-68cm in height, it can be lengthened in sync with your child’s growth.

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#2 – VIGA Wooden Doll’s Pram

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This toddler pushchair toy is perfect for creative children, with its almost fictional design, the No products found. may be the right one for you.  Swaying far away from the image of a typical real-world pushchair, this one offers something different, fun if you will. The sleek, low style makes it a great choice for younger children, as it makes it harder for them to catch things underneath it, such as the tv remote or even the cat! Furthermore, the large open-top holding space makes it multi-functional, as the extra room means your child won’t be limited to just carrying dolls. And the number one reason we ranked the No products found. as highly as we did is because of its stability, this toy pushchair can also help your child in learning how to walk.

An added benefit is that the plain wooden design opens up the opportunity for customisation. With a bit of creativity and a tin of paint, you can easily make this a toy your son will enjoy (provided he isn’t into pink).

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#3 – Bayer Design Umbrella Stroller

Next we have Bayer Design back again with a simpler, low-budget foldable toddler pushchair toy. The double wheels and the X frame at the base ensure sturdiness, after-all the figures prove it, this pushchair has a staggering max weight of 50kg, despite weighing less than a kilo itself. This product not only offers safety in design, it also manages to teach your child safety as well – featuring an easy clip seatbelt, the days are gone where you witness doll after doll falling out the pram and on to the floor.

The No products found. is great when used with other Bayer Design toys such as their dolls and maybe even their other pushchair products like the other one listed in this top 10. The company itself says this pushchair is great for the outdoors.

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#4 – HTI Toys 4-in-1 Toddler Pushchair Toy

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This 4-in-1 is the perfect ‘buy it for life’ product. Not only is it a pram, not only is it a forward facing pushchair, but it’s also  a carry cot and even a baby seat. This multi-functional role play toy is very easy to use and setting it up in each of the four modes shouldn’t be challenging at all. The large, solid wheels make them safer than ever, as nothing is able to get stuck inside them. The design features a child friendly pink polkadot pram cover, made from a soft fabric which can easily be attached or removed. Not only do the 4-in-1 functions help with saving money on buying individual products, but they also help with your child’s development. The No products found.could potentially become the only pram you ever buy.

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#5 – HTI Toys Babyboo Toddler Pushchair Toy Stroller

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This insanely low priced toddler pushchair toy is great value for money, with a unisex design, it’s perfect for any family. Similar to others on this list, the No products found. foldable allowing for ease of storage. Not to mention, the double wheeled design makes steering almost effortless for your little one. Sturdy and well made, this pushchair has been shown to take the weight of children up to four years old! (This is just to prove a point, in no way is this guidance) And unlike a few of the pushchairs on this list, this one may even be light enough for your children to carry around themselves. Trust in the fact that you child will never get bored of this fantastic pushchair.

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#6 – Molly Dolly My First Mini Pram

This pram is for the slightly older children, aged between 3 and 5 years old. The ‘My First Mini Pram’ toddler pushchair toy features a large detachable satchel and a bright pink polkadot design. The strong steel chassis and padded handle make this one comfortable and safe, with many reviews saying this one was the “perfect size” and also “great quality.”

Like a few others on this list, it’s a classic design, without the classic price. If you and your child want to stand out from the crowd then this is the pushchair toy for you.

The adjustable hood and removable pram cover make it great for role play situations, whether there’s ‘rain’ or ‘sunshine,’ the No products found. is a great choice.

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#7 – Molly Dolly My First Dolls Pram & Doll Set Toddler Pushchair Toy

This one ranks number seven in our list because of its doll set, which is a perfect addition for this baby doll pushchair. The design of both products match up with the bright and lighter pink colourways, which is even the same for the additional dummy which comes with it, a great extra for your child’s roleplay experience. This toddler pushchair toy can even give your child the basic lessons in tying knots, as this product features a clipless belt. Again, foldability makes the No products found. makes it easily storable, preventing it from becoming clutter like many other products on the market.

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#8 – Roma Rupert Dolls Umbrella Buggy

This umbrella buggy toddler pushchair toy comes it at under £10 and is great for children over 24 months of age. Built with a dual X frame, forward facing handles a soft fabric cover, this pushchair promises comfort, safety, longevity and easy usability. The light green design features circular rainbows and clouds, making it gender neutral and therefore a must buy for parents with both boys and girls. The seat features a tieable belt, making the No products found. a great space for either a doll or even a teddy

No products found.

#9 – Moover Wooden Dolls Natural Wooden Pram

No products found.

The No products found. is the priciest on this list, but for a good reason. This toddler pushchair toy won the Baby and Pregnancy award back in 2015 for its high quality, unique and intricate design. For any of you parents who stick to wooden toys, this one may just be for you. The rounded holding section of this pram makes the storage space deeper than most, meaning it can be used to transport almost anything your child desires. Fit with red wheels and plywood body, this product also lends itself to both boys and girls.

Also, you’ll be delighted to hear that this pram is made from completely sustainable sources, making it a great fit for environmentally conscious parents. So if you’re already buying reusable espresso pods and bamboo toothbrushes, consider adding this pushchair to your arsenal of eco-friendly items.

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#10 – labebe Wooden Activity Walker

And our final one on this list is for the boys, the No products found.. This baby wagon/walker/pushchair has multiple uses and can be used to transport your little one’s teddies, toy cars, action figures, the lot! The colourful toddler pushchair toy features a cute owl design with an orange inside, making it great to practice all sorts from roleplay to colour recall. Our favourite feature however, is the wheels. They’re made with a rubber centre, which protects your and tile floors from unnecessary scratches. And to top it all off, the large holding space in this product even lends itself to be used as a makeshift toy box.

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So there we have it, the top 10 pushchair toys in the market today. From the baseline price modern pushchair, to the classic pram, and all the way to eco-friendly push wagons, you really can’t go wrong with any of these fantastic products. And it’s important to remember that these are more than just toys, they’re tools for the growth and development of your child. So in reality, whether you go for the Bayer Design Puppenwagen or the multifunctional Iabebe Baby Walker, you’re only going to bring value to your child’s future.

Let us know your opinions or maybe even your experiences with these pushchair toys and let us know if this article inspired you to purchase any from our top 10.

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