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Best dining chair for 2 year old – TOP 8 review [November 2021]


A toddler dining chair is ideal for the years between baby and being a bigger kid. It’s the perfect height for a kid to sit safely while feeding. There is a kids’ dining chair that will suit your table and let your little one join in on the chat, whether it’s solid wood or plastic in a contemporary or traditional theme.

Mealtimes are exhausting enough, so what do you do when your child hits the point where they are too large for a high chair but not yet small enough for a normal chair? A table with a junior chair or booster seat may be the solution.

Your kid can switch to a booster seat once he can sit up consistently without falling over (between 9 and 12 months). However, the more your infant is comfortably strapped in his highchair, the better. Most kids don’t start transitioning until they’re 18 months to 2 years old.

Parenthood is a rewarding experience. Although it isn’t easy, successfully training your toddler is extremely satisfying. Having them sit with you through a meal can be a great achievement and having the right chair that’s comfortable for them to sit in will go a long way to helping them relax during mealtime.

While child tables are always a good solution for proper seating, it is also great to have your children eat at the table with you. Of course, you are welcome to join them at their table!

Whatever type you choose, a well-proportioned junior chair helps height-restricted toddlers to participate in family dinners, practise proper table manners, and gain independence.

The simplest, but not always the cheapest, option to have them join you, is to purchase an adjustable high chair for your toddler. These chairs make for a variety of positions to keep your child safe and comfortable.

Security – If your child is still very young, you would want to choose a seat with a built-in safety belt or restraint. Also, although toddler booster seats are intended to be connected to household furniture, they are not appropriate for use in cars.

Adjustable height – Looking for a junior chair that will last you a long time? You can find height-adjustable seats that can be adjusted to suit your child’s growing needs. This is also helpful if you wish to share the chair with other children.

Here, we will explore my Top 8 toddler dining chair.

My 5 top picks

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Top 8 toddler dining chair

#1 WINNER – Graco Snack N’ Stow Compact Highchair

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The No products found. make for a variety of positions to keep your child safe and comfortable from the age of six months to a maximum weight of fifteen kilograms.

At just 5.4kg, it’s a featherweight. When folded, it stands alone and is just 15 cm wide.

The tray is removable and customisable into three positions, while the footrest has two positions.

These highchairs are full of versatile features, supportive seating, and come in a range of colours, whether it’s a lightweight or multi-use style that develops with your toddler.

It also has a 5-point safety harness to keep your little one secure.

The Snack N’ Stow highchair is a plain folding high chair with a small footprint. For additional convenience, this highchair has a wide adjustable tray and an adjustable footrest. Any spills can be quickly cleaned away thanks to the wipe-clean seat.

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#2 – Maxi-Cosi Minla Baby Highchair

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From birth to the age of six years, this No products found. is a great toddler dining chair for your loved one.

The 6-in-1 adjustable highchair allows you to sit your toddler in six different configurations!

Thanks to its ultra-soft but strong newborn inlay, it’s suitable from birth.

The Maxi-Cosi Minla 6-in-1 highchair is available for parents and their children from their first day at home until their sixth birthday, enabling them to spend quality time at the dinner table.

It’s the last baby high chair parents will need before their child is six years old, due to the six alternative ways to sit that can be customised. This comfortable high chair has five recline positions, four tray positions, and nine adjustment heights, allowing children to engage in family interactions while dining at the table.

If the tasty pasta or freshly squeezed juice doesn’t end up where it’s meant to, the high-quality water repellent cloth is easily cleaned off and the zip-off cover can go in the washing machine as well.

Thanks to its lightweight folding ability, it can be conveniently stored when parents just need a little extra space. Because of the cosy inlay, it can be used as a comfortable baby seat, a high chair for those first veggies, a cool booster seat with a tray, or a stool.

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#3 – Cosatto Noodle 0+ Highchair

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From birth to 15 kg, this No products found. is suitable (approximately 3 years). That’s quite a lot of adventure!

From 0 to 6 months, the crib reclines.

Seat height is adjustable in six positions. With this adjustment, there’s no need to bend.

Easy-to-clean trays that come off and it is dishwasher-safe on the top tray on eco-setting.

As mentioned, it has a built-in, very convenient, new-born cradle design. This is for when the baby comes you can rest assured that you’re ready to make mealtime as peaceful as possible.

It has a reclining crib with a luxurious padded new-born liner from birth to 6 months, then transforms into a highchair up to 36 months.

Delete the tray for the up-to-table mode to promote interaction and social skills growth. It has a padded reclining highchair seat and flexible calf support for added ease, making life easier.

It also has a flat-folding freestanding design for fast storage. In addition, the removable and larger than usual tray is conveniently adjustable.

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#4 – Chicco Pocket Snack Toddler Dining Chair

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The No products found. is their smallest and lightest seat, with an integrated handle that makes it easy to carry. It is just 2 kg in weight.

Security First: The fastening straps and three-point belt on the toddler high chair ensure your child’s safety.

This chair is both functional and practical as the seat can be modified to three different heights to accommodate different stages of a child’s development; it also comes with a useful removable and adjustable tray.

Comfy and larger than most, the spacious and comfortable seat can hold a child aged 6 to 36 months (maximum 15 kg).

Pocket Snack is a functional booster seat that encourages your child to sit at the table with the whole family during a meal at home, at a diner, at a Sunday breakfast, Grandparents, or at a lunch anywhere you may go.

The seat is spacious and convenient, and it is built to fit children aged 6 to 36 months and respond to their changing needs as they grow.

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#5 – APRAMO FLIPPA Baby Booster Seat for Dining

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No products found. is a lightweight, portable, and convenient chair, making it ideal for portability. For easy storage and transportation, it has an easy, flat fold.  more To brighten up mealtimes with a bit of fun and make food more interesting, you can choose from a variety of adorable colours.

It has a robust structure with an aluminium frame for lightweight toughness and was built with protection in mind. Flippa has a sturdy and safe platform on most surfaces thanks to its four adjustable rubber feet. EN 16120:2010 safety compliant.

This chair ensures a hygienic and healthy atmosphere for your child anywhere your journeys go. As we all know, mealtimes can get messy. With a removable tray and plastics that are easy to disinfect, it does not get much simpler.

The APRAMO FLIPPA dining booster chair is I deal for use both at home and out, inside and outside. It may be used as a freestanding piece or on dining chairs.

The ergonomic seat allows for growth and is ideal for children aged 6 months to about 3 years (15kg). With an adjustable safety belt to keep healthy toddlers secure as they’re going through the weaning process.

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#6 – COSTWAY 3-in-1 Convertible High Chair

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This No products found. can be transformed into an infant feeding chair, a toddler seat with a guardrail, or an ordinary stool chair by simply changing the legs and tray to accommodate the various development needs of children aged six months to six years old. Product Highlights

With the 3 Step Adjustable & Detachable Tray, cleaning is a breeze. Easily unlatch the handy plate and place it in the sink to give it a thorough rinse.

Materials that are both safe for your toddler’s health and long-lasting, t his high chair is non-toxic and odourless, since it is made of food-grade PP and PE. The legs are made of high-quality beech wood, which is heavy, long-lasting, and resistant to strain. The baby will have a relaxed sitting environment thanks to the soft cushion and baffle.

When left unattended, the five-point safety belt of adjustable length will hold your baby safely in place without being able to lean over and fall, avoiding injury.=

The high chair’s A-shaped construction essentially lowers the centre of gravity, and the bottom is reinforced by an X-shaped steel frame, making it sturdy and difficult to topple. Furthermore, anti-skid foot pads can improve overall comfort while also avoiding scratches on the surface.

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#7 – Maxmass Adjustable Baby High Chair

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The No products found. is fitted with a 5-point seat belt that protects the infant in both directions and ensures that it does not fall over if left unattended.

The legs and tray of this booster seat can be adjusted to various heights and widths to accommodate children of various ages and needs.

Our infant feeding seat’s legs are made of high-quality beech wood, which adds to the chair’s comfort and longevity.

To help children grow up faster, our feeding chair conforms to the ergonomic nature of the infant. The warm padding is incredibly soothing.

Cleaning is a breeze with the PU cushion and detachable tray; all you have to do is clean it down with a damp rag.

It is so simple to set up and maintain.

Trapezoidal form makes it much more stable and the cushion is made with ergonomics in mind.

No products found.

#8 – Children Dining Chair

No products found.

The No products found. comes with a toddler-sized dinner plate, which is ideal for snacking and dining activities for your child.

The folding chair rods are made of aluminium alloy, which is rustproof and long-lasting.

You get 1 x Kids Folding Chair 1 x Dinner Plate 1 x Bundling Strap 1 x Storage Bag which is all included with the package.

This chair really is the complete solution. It can be used as a booster seat in a restaurant, a park chair, or even a floor seat for Activity time at home!

Storage is also easy due to the lightweight fold and optional carry case which obviously makes it so much easier to carry around.

Booster seats can get sticky, but the high-back booster seat makes cleaning a breeze. The BPA-free and dishwasher-friendly detachable tray is safe for your child to eat on while still being quick to clean.

This booster chair’s revolutionary fold style makes it easy to transport while you’re on the go. The short, convenient, and compact fold makes it suitable for use as a travel high chair at restaurants and other locations.

No products found.


The best toddler dining chair will make dining more enjoyable for everyone.

It’s clean and strong, and it keeps baby snug inside. It’s easy to vacuum. It may be adaptable and develop with the baby over time, lasting a few years.

Few items are more entertaining than watching a kid trying to eat solid foods. Eating is still an experience for a little one, from their funny smile at their first bite to the messes they create while trying to self-feed.

The most critical feature of the right baby high chair, according to most parents, is safety. A fast clean is also a valuable aspect for us in a top-rated high chair. We want it to be straightforward to use and able to be adjusted, and it should also be relatively inexpensive (always a bonus!).

I know that every parent’s needs are different, so where will you find a high chair that satisfies your requirements? This is where you should start! I’m hoping that this guide has helped to make your decisions that little bit easier!


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