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Best toddler car track – Top 8 review [November 2021]


When you’re looking to buy the best toddler car track, it doesn’t sound like it should be too hard, does it? I mean, what can there really be to consider? Quite a lot actually! As unbelievable as it may seem, it can make a massive difference when you know what to look for.

Good things to look for in a toddler car track:

  • One with functional and creative design.
  • Something that’s safe and eco-friendly.
  • Unique design
  • Something to help them learn and prepare them for preschool
  • A toy that will help them develop fine motor skills and stimulate imagination
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Check that it’s interactive. This can help the parent-child connection while playing.
  • Of course, high quality materials and solid assembly.

Cars and car tracks are some of the most fun toys to play with as a child. Tracks that do all different kinds of things whether they just go backwards and forwards or around in loops. Whatever their main design, these toys can stimulate imagination and help develop fine motor skills all while playing. What can be better than that? As a parent, I want my child playing with something that is going to educate them as well as keeping them occupied!

My 3 top picks

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Top 8 – toddler car track

#1 WINNER – CubicFun Cars Track Kids Toys

No products found.

The No products found. is an exciting and interactive toy for your toddler. It’s ideal for comprehensive ability and fine motor skills with buttons to push and levers to pull to move the vehicles around the track. It has a functional and creative design that is sure to keep them interested and happy. With six buttons to control the various functions and no batteries required at all, it’s good for play and the wallet! It’s great for hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and the cause-and-effect realisation and stimulation in your child’s brain. It’s a big size for longer playtime with it being 34cm x 30cm x 23 cm high.

No products found.

Looking at the design, it has a helicopter overhead with a magnetic base that can catch the car at the push of a button. it has an overhead crane and all the vehicles are emergency vehicles with a police car, a fire truck, and an ambulance. You can move the vehicles around the entire track without touching them just by using the buttons and levers.

The No products found. comes with a 100% quality guarantee and is backed by their customer support team to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the product.

Definitely my number 1 pick.

#2 – TOP BRIGHT Car Ramp Toy

Number 2! Let’s have a look at the simple and captivating No products found.!

No products found.

These car ramps are absolutely captivating. My children have these and they love watching them go down they love racing 2 cars going down at the same time to see which one’s going to pop out first. This is a child safe toddler car ramp with a unique design of three car garage garages a gas station a repair shop. This is a great preschool learning toy and will help encourage hand eye coordination and encourage toddlers too learn how to take turns which can also encourage the development of communication skills.

You get 4 ramp races with the track it can be easily stored on shelving and comes in a very sturdy colourful box. Once again, this product also has great customer service to back it up after the purchase. They’re made of high-quality material BPA free and painted in nontoxic water-based paint.

No products found.

These are a fantastic toy for the inquisitive toddler. Even as young as one year old , this will keep their attention with it being so simple but well built. Some of the things that it encourages the most are natural observation, self-recognition, and baby movement. They can also learn colours while using this ramp with the choice of simple colours on the racing cars.

From the garage to the gas station to the repair shop this simple toddler car track stimulates the mind and curiosity, and encourages movement. There’s not much I don’t like about the No products found..

I know it keeps my kids laughing and curious.

#3 – The Wooden Toy Factory – Click Clack Racing Track

No products found.

While looking very similar to my #2 choice, the No products found. has it’s own wonderful little air about it.

This click-clack racing track comes with six cars and has absolutely no assembly required at all. It helps to develop fine motor skills, it will stimulate your child’s imagination, and is built of high-quality construction to withstand the most energetic of children whether they are at home, a play group, or at school. This is a great educational toy making the classic click-clack sound as the cars race down the tracks in a continuous motion. It creates a dynamic play time and is great for stimulating creativity. It has a parking lot up the top where the cars can be launched from and the cars can flip over and keep rolling all the way.

No products found.

This toy has a wooden base and wooden frame with safe, plastic ramps. With no batteries, no assembly, and in a great compact size, this toddler car track is ready to take anywhere and keep your children occupied while also helping them to develop and grow!

#4 – Milly & Ted Mega Wooden Race Track

Now this No products found. really is next level. And when I say next level, I mean about another 3 levels!

No products found.

This has a great size parking lot at the top where the cars can sit until they’re ready to be launched down the ramp and then shot out at the bottom ready to be caught. Children of all ages from 18 months up can enjoy the colourful ramps and cars, the super-fast sliding of the cars as they go down this high-quality toy. It includes the ramp, six brightly coloured wooden racer cars which have the numbers one to six on them and really just comes ready to be played with. Because of its height it is really engaging for toddlers and I love watching these cars go down the ramps and then trying to stop them as they shoot out.

This ramp is worth it for the extra height and extended play time it creates.

No products found.

#5 – 17Tek 360 Pieces Magical Glow in the Dark Tracks Toy Set

No products found.

Okay, number 5 really is alive! This No products found. is one of the toys that my boys have loved to play with in just about every room of our house… usually the darkest rooms, under the bed, or in a blanket fort!

This is such a great idea! Creating not just a racetrack to help that competitive spirit to thrive, but making it glow in the dark and giving it dinosaurs! It has two Dinosaur cars that light up as well, to go with the glow-in-the-dark racetrack. The cars do need just one battery so there’s not a huge outlay to start playing. There are 240 pieces of car track and accessories +2 LED light up cars plus the Dinosaur forest pack. This one will definitely keep them captivated for hours and can also improve their learning and building skills while giving you the chance to build your relationship with your children if you want to join in and help build it with them.

No products found.

The tracks are easily snapped together and not just in one design. There are endless combinations that you can create and the tracks just roll up for easy storage when they’re not in use. You can buy extra track cars that light up to go with it as additional accessories even though it already comes with two Dinosaur cars.

Your kids will love the forest pack with eight small dinosaurs, a Dinosaur egg, and trees. It’s so colourful even in the light and then, of course, when the lights go out the track glows in the dark and the cars light up! It has a great bridge that is easy to put together and gives that added creativity and racing fun. The No products found. is a great gift for kids and it’s safe made from Environmental Protection ABS material.

It’s suitable for ages 3 and up.

#6 – JoyGeek Dinosaur Toys Race Car Track Train Set

This No products found. is awesome. The flexible track is easy to be turned it has endless possibilities because it can be flexed to form different track shapes moved and reshaped again and again.

No products found.

If your kids are into dinosaurs this is a no-brainer, and they’ll love you for it. It comes with two dinosaurs couple of monkeys and a couple of cars along with some other accessories to add to the overall Dinosaur feel. It’s made from safe, non-toxic plastic and is recommended for kids age 3 plus. The kids can make it twist and turn in multiple directions without damaging the track. With so many different ways this can be put together including with a loop the loop, this is a great opportunity to get involved and play with your kids. It’s easy to assemble it has a 360 degree loop it has hill climbs to go over and the cars drive smoothly on it. When made to the box design it’s megasaurus 81 cm long which is a great size!

This truly is a great, fun way to spend some time with your kids and get away from the iPad or the video game. A toddler car track like this is great fun with your kids on the weekend or free time and for peace of mind, it also comes with a 24 month warranty and excellent customer service if needed.

No products found.

#7 – TEMI Race Car Track Toy Educational Toddler Race Tracks

No products found.

How good is this No products found.? Four buttons and five different challenges for the mini-cars including a police car, a beatle car, a school bus, and an ambulance to go through.

It has challenging intersections, boosters, turns, and lifts that help to speed up the race. As you would expect it’s made from child friendly materials which is past physical and mechanical tests meets toy standards and is an ideal toy for children over three years old. It has a colourful track too attract their attention and the design will exercise your Childs coordination, creativity, thinking ability, and their visual tracking ability.

With good size buttons and levers and things to twist and turn, they’ll be moving the vehicles around the track without even touching them. There’s no battery required for this interactive game. It’s easy to operate and makes a fantastic gift for birthdays of Christmas as it’s so simple to operate.

No products found.

You’ll be encouraging things like hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and thinking and operation skills as they workout how to manoeuvre the vehicles around the track without pushing them by hand. This is a great toddler car track to provide plenty of attentive fun!

#8 – Baobë Wooden Race Track

The last one of my list today has been called the mothers safe choice for kids. It’s the No products found. and again this track is going to drive your child’s imagination and creativity to the next level.

No products found.

It will keep your child fascinated with the continuous motion as the car start off from the top and slide down the rainbow race track watching them Roland flip all the way down. Kids love these toys. They love the click clack sound that is created as the race cars slide down the tracks and make their way to the bottom.

They really are a must have toy in the growth of every child whether they are one or two or three or even four years old this toy will help to encourage natural observation, interpersonal communication, body movement and they hand eye coordination and focus.

Did I mention logical thinking skills?

There is so much that your child learns from playing with such a simple toy.

No products found.

This great little toddler car track is made from high quality wood and kid-safe plastic. Suitable for children 18 months and older.


So, I’m hoping that this has helped to guide you in the right choice for your toddlers’ car track. Whether you’re looking for something with batteries, buttons and levers, or something as simple as the click-clack tracks and watching the car race all the way down, these are fantastic toys and are a must-have in the growing up process.

Glow-in-the-dark tracks, Dinosaur cars, bridges, caves, loop the loops, it’s all there for you to choose. The best thing is that all of these toddler car tracks, whichever one you choose, work towards building your relationship and communication with your child more and more.

Enjoy your racing track and enjoy spending quality time with your kids.

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