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Best toddler boy swimsuit – TOP 10 [November 2021]


Only now, are we ready to release this article. After the government announced the end of social restrictions coming at the start of summer, we’re finally able to walk you through the  best options when it comes to picking out a toddler boy swimsuit. For some, it’ll be their first time ever on the coastline, or in the swimming pool – and we want to ensure they have the best experience possible.

When it comes to swimming, toddler’s usually start off in a swim nappy, however if they’re confident, and you’re confident, they can jump right in to wearing their favourite superhero swim costumes and more. Many of our choices even have matching rubber-ring and arm-band sets which you can find elsewhere.

Now, you may have not considered risks beyond the obvious when it comes to swimming with your toddler, however one massive threat when swimming outdoors is sun-burn. If this is big risk you’re not willing take, I suggest you go for our long sleeve swimsuit options, preferably with a high UPF rating – to protect your child from skin damage.

That being said, there confident that there’s something in this top 10 that you and your child will absolutely love, so let’s get into it.

My 5 top picks

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Top 10 Toddler Swimsuits for Boys

#1 WINNER – The Captain America Short Sleeve Swimsuit

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Here we have it, Marvel doing what they do best, making our kids feel like the superheroes they deserve to be. This Captain America swimsuit takes our number one spot, which is great for everything from the paddling pool, to the open sea.

We love this one because it allows your toddler to learn an invaluable skill and role-play at the same time. Dressing up as their favourite superhero was never just for halloween and Marvel has made this a reality. The suit mimics Captain America’s armour to the T, coming with short sleeves and shorts.

At a great price, the No products found. offers hours of endless fun. The stand-out design means your child will always be visible and plus, they’ll be so loud defeating ‘bad guys,’ that they’re gonna be heard from any distance. Another great benefit of this swimsuit is the material, it’s a polyester/cotton blend, which allows for a lot of stretch and give – this means swim nappies can be put on underneath just in case.

We’re still waiting on a quote from the manufacturer on the UPF rating of this swimsuit, so we’ll update this page when we have it. However, what we can say is that this swimsuit should be easy on and easy off, meaning applying and topping up a high SPF sun spray every half an hour should be more than sufficient.

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#2 – HUAANIUE Reddinosaur, Dinosaur Swimsuit

Now here’s one of the other more stand-outish swimsuits on our list, the Reddinosaur design swimsuit by HUANNIUE.

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This one made the number two spot because of its colourful, unique, 3D design. It features a red dinosaur on the front, but the best part is that the spikes then come out on to the exterior side if the swimsuit, making the dinosaur come to life – your little boy could be the coolest dinosaur at the pool! Then, the word ‘Roooaarrr’ is printed on the front.

At an amazing price, you’d be at a loss if you searched elsewhere, the high street stores offer nothing like this it seems. Just like how buying our number one spot turns you into Captain America, our number two turns you into a dinosaur.

The cotton and polyester blend used to make this swimsuit promise quick drying times, breathability and a lightweight feel.

The makers of the No products found. recommend it for anything from bathing to surfing, making it more multi-purpose than a pair of old swimming shorts.

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#3 – Paw Patrol Boys Swimsuit

Here’s another themed swimsuit, with the Paw Patrol Toddler Boy Swimsuit for your 2 year old. We love this one because of it’s amazing print graphics and colour scheme, it’s the perfect design for a little boy to be sporting.

On the front of the swimsuit, it features a Dalmatian, a German shepherd and an English bulldog, all wearing uniforms in their lovable cartoon form. This one is an absolute must for kids who are absolutely obsessed with animals!

No products found.

It comes in at a really low price, staggeringly low for what this swimsuit offers. The No products found. is made from a polyester/elastane blend, meaning it can stretch for either swim nappies and even slight growth. The back is zipped for “extra style,” Paw Patrol says.

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#4 – Swimbubs Baby Swimming Wrap

We love this swimming wrap by Swimbubs, it’s the perfect choice for swimming in colder pools and especially great for the sea.

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This toddler boy swimsuit is made for one reason, insulation, it helps your little one maintain their body temperature meaning they can stay in the pool for extended periods of time. The non-restrictive swim wrap means that your little boy can splash with his arms and legs all day and with the help of the non-slip fabric, you can easily grip on to your child whenever you need to.

The No products found. is secured by velcro seals, which makes it an easy in, easy out costume for whenever there’s an accident. The brand also recommend wearing their swim nappy as well whilst wearing the swim wrap.

More importantly, this swimsuit has a UPF rating of 50+, making it perfect for staying in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

This toddler boy swimsuit comes in many designs.

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#5 – Peppa Pig Boys George Pig Swimsuit

One of the more frequently mentioned franchise on our website comes in half-way down the list and it’s Peppa Pig with the George pig toddler boy swimsuit. This swimsuit is maybe one of the, dare I say it, coolest themed swimsuits we’ve ever seen. It features George Pig snorkelling in the ocean, surrounded by bubbles, fish and other sea creatures.

This fantastic surf-suit even has comes with a 3D tail extending form the goldfish!

The half-zip back makes the No products found. more snug and less prone to breakage and the polyamide/elastane blend, again, provides a lot of stretch for swim nappies and child growth.

No products found.

#6 – Harry Bear Boys Shark Swim Set

This Harry Bear Swim Set has a Nemo shark feel to it, it features a grey shark surrounded by smaller fish with the word ‘Jawsome’ written beneath it. The shorts are blue, with an anchor print and an orange tie.

The tie fastens and tightens the shorts, whilst the high collar top is already tight enough when purchased at the correct size.

We love the No products found. because of its simplicity, the orange and blue colour way really works and the two piece is just ideal, as swim shorts tend to be a versatile item of clothing for your child.

For a price lower than most, it’s almost an impulse buy and we think it’s definitely worth it.

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#7 – upandfast Infant One Piece Zip Swimsuit

Now if this isn’t one of the cutest toddler boy swimsuits on the market, then I don’t know what is. The upandfast Baby Boy Swimwear Infant One Piece comes with a sun-protection cap, fit with a mini visor and a neck cover, for added protection on those long days out at the seaside or the outdoor pool.

The No products found.features a rather funny design, a blow-fish wearing goggles, a mask and an oxygen tank.

The SPF rating is 50+ which means even more protection for you child.

No products found.

#8 – WonderBabe Boys UV Swimsuit

In similar fashion we have the No products found., which also comes as a one-of-two, with a UV protection cap added into the bundle. The design on this one features a large shark with the words “Chomp, Chomp, Chomp.”

Again, this is a two piece, however both are made from a tight-fitting polyamide/elastane blend. It is said to be UV resistant, which is just another added bonus and you won’t find this much UV tech packed into any other toddler boy swimsuit.

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#9 – Biofieay Toddler Boy Swimsuit One Piece

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The Biofieay t0ddler boy swimsuit is another one competing in the ranks of cuteness, it’s got a sailor type vibe to it and comes with a little matching cap to protect your little one from the sun. The design also features a whale on both the front and reverse sides of the swimsuit.

We love this one because of its high rounded collar and half-zip, which means that for the trustworthy ones, this should be an non-slip, harder-to-get-off option.

The No products found. promises UV protection, quick drying and chlorine and saltwater resistance.

No products found.

#10 – AMZTM 2-Piece Dinosaur Toddler Boy Swimsuit

And here it is, our number 10 spot, with the AMZTM Baby Toddler Boys 2-piece Dinosaur Swimsuit. The colour way is truly striking, with orange, white and multiple shades of blue. It even features a dinosaur wearing sunglasses, a swim cap and a rubber ring.

The polyester and spandex mix material is great for protecting your little boy’s sensitive skin and also makes the swimsuit breathable for those warmer days out at the beach.

It’s suitable for summer surfing, pool activities and even more outdoor and indoor activities.

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We’ve covered every type of swimsuit you could ever want for your two year old boy, from swim wraps to one piece swimming suits, from plain old designs to superhero costumes. We’re certain that you’ll find a swimsuit (or two) suitable for your child in our top 10 list.

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