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A teddy bear for a 2 year old is a very popular present. All children should have a teddy bear that they can treasure forever. Unlike most toys, teddies are likely to be kept into adulthood and passed down the generations. There are plenty of cheap teddy bears around which, sadly, have lost the nostalgia value of more traditional teddies. Here’s my guide to buying a good quality traditional-looking teddy bear for 2 year old children. I have included teddies suitable for all budgets and price ranges.

Under £15 – Gund Philbin Teddy Bear

Gund Philbin Cream Teddy bear (Large) Toy Kitchen & HomeGind Philbin produce a range of traditional-looking teddy bears for surprisingly low prices. They typically cost less than £15 on Amazon and are available in dark brown or cream. There are also small/medium and large versions of this teddy bear, at either 33cm or 45cm tall.

Suitable for children aged 12 months and over, these teddy bears are safe for 2 year olds to play without any small parts. They’re well stuffed and sit up nicely – great for cuddles.

If you look closely then this teddy bear isn’t quite as well made as the more expensive ones in this article. However it’s very popular and will delight any 2 year old. Given the price, the reviews on Amazon are fantastic and these teddy bears are loved by 2 year olds and parents alike.

Cream teddy bear small/medium Cream teddy bear large

Brown teddy bear small/medium Brown teddy bear large

£15-£40 – BabyRice ‘Sherwood’ Teddy Bear

BabyRice New Baby Boy or Girl Gift Soft & Cuddly Traditional Style Brown Teddy Bear 'Sherwood' 28cm Toys & GamesThe BabyRice Sherwood Teddy Bear is a fairly modest size, at 28cm tall. This is a traditional-looking brown teddy bear suitable for 1 year olds, 2 year olds and older children.

This teddy bear has slightly curly hair to make him look more cuddly and traditional. He has a shiny brown bow round its neck.

He has a really cute expression on his face, which will appeal to children.

He’s the sort of teddy that a child would keep forever, without taking up all the space in your house.

This teddy bear is described as being a gift for newborns. I think this is a bit strange since it’s labelled as being for 1 year olds and above. It’s much more suitable for toddlers and 2 year olds, not newborn babies.

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£40-£50 – Gund Maxie Huge Teddy Bear

Gund Maxie Soft Toy (Extra Large) Toys & GamesThe Gund Maxie Large Teddy Bear measures 51.8cm tall and is pretty huge!

Suitable for 10 months upwards, it’s more suitable for 2 year olds and older children as I think it’s a bit big for babies!

This teddy bear is lovely, squidgy and cuddly for a 2 year old to cuddle.

He’s medium brown coloured and traditional looking, with very soft and slightly curly fur for extra nostalgia value. He has a cute checked bow around his neck.

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£50-£200 – Don’t bother

There are lots of teddy bears available in the £50-£200 price range. However they don’t tend to be for 2 year olds – the ones I’ve seen tend to be vintage teddy bears not suitable for children. I would either go for one of the better teddy bears in the lower price ranges (featured above) or a really special designed teddy bear that is labelled as being suitable for 2 year olds.

£200+ – Designer Teddy Bears

Herman ‘Adeline of the Beach’ Musical Teddy Bear

Musical Bear 35 cm (Adeline of the beach) (japan import) Toys & GamesThis limited edition Adeline of the Beach teddy bear is 35cm tall and has a Herman label of authenticity around its neck.

The teddy bear has beautiful fur, a lovely face and is a traditional style teddy bear that any child will want to keep forever.

His expression is really cute and he’s furry all over.

Suitable for children from 3 months and upwards, this is a special teddy bear for 2 year olds.

They will enjoy playing with it straight away and will want to keep it a lifetime.

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Herman Teddy Bear

Herman teddy bear ripper Name Nin 32cm (japan import) Toys & GamesThe Herman Teddy Bear is 32cm tall and a genuine designer teddy bear with the labels to prove it. It’s not cheap, but is a lovely traditional teddy bear.

This teddy bear’s outfit is lovely and he will be a treasure for the whole family.

He has a little black beret hat, shirt and waistcoat with belt and a little jacket over the top with black fur trim. A beautiful traditional outfit for a beautiful traditional bear.

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Don’t forget the bear costume for 2 year olds!

Baby Toddler Quality Super Soft Furry Cute Baby Teddy Bear Storybook Animal Onesie Costume 2 - 3 Years Travis Toys & GamesTo make a 2 year old love their new teddy bear even more, how about getting them a bear costume at the same time!

2 year olds will love to match their new teddy bear and it will really boost their imaginative play.

This teddy bear onesie is for 2-3 year olds. It only costs £20 and has a cute bear hood with soft round ears.

It also has a brown neck bow (just like a real teddy bear toy), non-slip heart shaped paw print feet, velcro fastening (ideal for 2 year olds learning to dress themselves) and soft lining.

It’s simple but comfortable for 2 year olds to wear.

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