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Best suit for 2 year old – TOP 10 review [November 2021]


Just because you’ve got a toddler, it doesn’t mean your life is on hold. You’re just as entitled to be going to those smart dressing, expensive nights out and events as you were before and the best part? You get to turn up with your child in style. We present to you, the best suit for 2 year old toddlers.

Toddlers love to get dressed up and it doesn’t stop at superhero costumes. Throw a tuxedo in the direction of your little one and all you’re getting back is excitement. The dress suit is a staple for any toddlers wardrobe, because life throws events, occasions and the likes at you unexpectedly, you never know when your best-friend’s wedding is going to suddenly be announced, or when your great grandma’s birthday party invites are going to get sent – and you forgot all about it.

Fit for suits is always the number one priority and this is especially true when choosing out a suit for 2 year old toddlers. The collar needn’t be too tight, especially on warmer days. And the trouser length needs to be perfect because as a youngster, they will literally drag their ankle cuff through the mud it breaks past their shoe.

But anyway, we’ll discuss the safety elements of each suit as well as their other great features in this top 10 lineup, helping you choose the best suit for 2 year old toddlers.

My 5 top picks

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Top 10 suit for 2 year old

#1 WINNER – ZOEREA Long Sleeves Gentleman Suit for 2 year Old Boys

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This one looks like it’s just come out of peaky blinders, this cute little two piece suit comes complete with a flat cap for added style. When we think of baby suits, we’re usually thinking of the creative flair we can add, maybe a bit of unique style that they’ll (hopefully) carry in to their twenties, well this suit does just that.

The No products found. is composed of crotch-buttoned trousers, to make it easier to change nappies incase of accidents, as well as dungarees which clip onto buttons at the front and back of them. Underneath that will be a white long sleeve shirt with ready folded sleeves and a black bow tie. The waist coat matches the trousers tweed brown colour, as does the flat cap.

This cute little set is the perfect suit for 2 year old boys. It’s the perfect outfit for cocktail parties, weddings, church, baptisms, fancy dress and even just for playing around the house. This formal suit is made of organic cotton and is perfect for the autumn and winter seasons.

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#2 – 5 Piece Suit for 2 year Old Boys

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This suit is perfect for making your little boy a mini-me of his father. This five piece suit comes in charcoal, made of a polyester material which really keeps the cost down, whilst still maintaining its iconic, classic style.

The five piece includes trousers, a blazer, shirt, waistcoat and a black polka dot tie, building up the classic three piece suit. The suit is regular fit, which allows it to be an easy off garment in case of accidents. The regular, looser fit, also aims to keep your child cooler and more mobile, as we all know kids love to flail their arms and legs wherever they go.

There’s also a clasp on the back of the waistcoat to adjust the size, whether it be for the purpose of a better fit, or even to keep the heat in on those winter days on the way to big events.

The No products found., being the style that it is, lends itself useful to many things, one of those things is weddings. You see a lot of people wearing all shades of suits at weddings and charcoal is no exception. You can also dress up your little one in this for their birthday, baptisms, Christmas and parties.

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#3 – mintgreen Baby Boy Gentleman Suit for 2 year Old Boys

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Now if this isn’t one of the cutest suits on the market, then I don’t know what is. This cute little two piece set includes trousers, a long sleeve white shirt, a waistcoat and even a matching bow tie! The suit is made of 100% cotton, which means your little one will be extra prepared for the winter weddings!

The high quality material for the No products found. is also breathable and super soft, according to mintgreen, the makers of the suit.

The nature of cotton means that it can be machine washed, which is excellent given that when children are at big occasions… with other children, the after party tends to consist of games rolling around on grass and even the occasional slip that ends it a dirty suit.

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#4 – Boys Grey 4 Piece Waistcoat Suit 3-4 Years

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This cute little four piece includes a waistcoat, a tie, a white long sleeve shirt and a pair of trousers. The suit comes in a timeless grey/charcoal colour and is the perfect palette for any occasion. The tie has been designed with polkadots, which again can be worn in any setting at any time.

Once again, the No products found. is made of polyester, which gives it that nice shine that helps your little one fit in with the grown ups. The material is also high quality, so after a wash cycle, you can expect it to be the same size and without any loose threads or tugs.

This is the perfect party suit for 2 year olds boys and at a great price, would be a hard one to miss.

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#5 – mintgreen 4pcs Baby Boys Suit Set Waistcoat + Shirt with Bowtie + Pants with Supenders+ Beret Hat, 1-4 Years 3-4 Years Royal Blue

Another peaky blinders inspired suit, mintgreen have really outdone themselves with this timeless, adorable cotton suit. The suit is made from soft and breathable materials which should keep your little boy comfortable all day long. The design of this product lends itself to fancy dress parties, weddings, baptisms and even just lounging around the house being cool, whilst the parents watch the Birmingham based TV show.

The No products found. comes with a long sleeve shirt, trousers, dungarees, waistcoat a bowtie and a retro flat cap.

No products found.

#6 – AmzBarley Baby Boys Gentlemans Outfit

This funky suit is one for the disco nights, featuring a zebra bow tie and a red pocket square, your naughty little boy is sure to steal the show. The trousers that come with the No products found. come with snap-up buttons around the crotch area for those unpredictable moments. The set also includes a double breasted fake waistcoat and a long sleeve white shirt. The waistcoat is said to be fake because it only features the waistcoat on the front of the shirt, this is perfect for kids who need an easy out of their clothes and also for children who would hate to wear tight fitting, rigid suits.

Made of cotton, the suit is very breathable and is perfect for summer parties, weddings and other big occasions.

No products found.

#7 – WonderBabe Newborn Baby Boys Gentleman Suit

The No products found. is very similar to our last one, the No products found. which is this reason why it got the number 7 position in our top 10 suits.

No products found.

#8 – ZOEREA Baby Boys Tuxedo Outfit

This gorgeous little suit is unique in that it features more of a tailcoat design and features multiple colours. The No products found. is grey, with red and black accents. This tweet suit is perfect for baptisms, holy communions and halloween, due to the colours used in the design.

No products found.

#9 – Dec Baby Boy Gentleman Bodysuit Romper

Another classic suit for another mischievous boy, this five piece suit is another great choice for those dress up occasions. The button-fasted, cotton suit comes with dungarees, a long sleeve white shirt, a waistcoat, trousers, as well as a timeless flat cap. The dusty brown colour of the No products found. is fit for any occasion and will definitely be pulling in compliments from the other parents.

No products found.

#10 – Wide.ling Infant Toddler Suit for 2 Year Old Boys

This innovative suit comes in a cute preppy shape which is sure to shake up the party. With a snap button crotch on the trousers, the No products found. is an easy off garment which helps when your little one just can’t hold it in. The shape and fit of this suit is slightly more pronounced and angular, which makes it more novelty that conventional suits, after all, kids need a bit of a creative spark!

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So that rounds up our top 10. Are you looking for an easy off suit, or a classic suit? A mischievous suit that turns your little boy into a Peaky Blinder, or a classic suit? That’s right, classic suits are always there for when you need them, but maybe give a more fashionable one, like our number 1 spot, a try. Dressing up your little boy in suits from a young age is only going to make his style better in later life.


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