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INTEY Magnetic Building Blocks 117-Pcs Magnetic Blocks

Open the door for limitless imagination! Let your kids’ creativity run wildly. With INTEY 117 pcs Magnetic Building Blocks, they will learn shapes, building, and more! And kids have endless amounts of fun doing it. All tiles are magnetic and made up of non-toxic, high quality ABS plastic that’s entirely safe for children.

Why are building block toys so great for young children? It’s simple, they are really good at stimulating their brains. Any puzzle to solve is a great exercise of a young child. Puzzle toys are in particular good at an early stage of development (yes, it’s also great for 2 year olds). The INTEY 117 pcs Magnetic Building Blocks will improve your child’s spatial thinking and fine motor skills. They work great for both boys and girls. Sometimes it can be a nice toy for the adults as well 🙂

Magnetic pieces are very easy to put together which makes them such good toys for the little ones. Check the details on Amazon.

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