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How to Entertain A 2-Year-Old? A Thread

How to Entertain A 2-Year-Old – let’s get started

Do you need tips on how to entertain a 2-year-old? When the kids start to learn to walk or even crawl, it becomes pretty hard to entertain them. They get hyperactive most of the time and are always up for playing. You should not take this entertainment thing easy with them. They ask for a lot of entertainment from us, or they will bore themselves quickly. If you check about what is good in that forever changing behavior, you should consider it daily. You can repeat the same entertainment ideas and strategies all day. Anything that catches their attention will entertain them, and it could involve any sort of action.

Play with them

Kids are usually busy playing with toys and having zero concern about their parents or maid. Getting them toys is a lifesaving option, but sometimes they want you to play with them. You can get them racing cars and race with them or superheroes to save the world. For girls, you can get Barbie dolls or makeup stuff or a small kitty party set. As more toys your kids have, the more occupied they will be.

How to Entertain A 2-Year-Old – is bathing a good option?

There might be some kids who do not like to have a bath. They may not like bathing, but every kid loves to play with water in the bathtub. As we love to go to the beaches or pools to relax, they also feel the same, and the good part is it does not need your sunscreens or bathing suits. The water temperature will up to our wish and also no danger of drowning. Bathing will make them relax and chill, and after you wash, they will sleep pretty soon after that.

Simon says

Suppose you are dealing with more than one toddler at a time. In that case, you can play this engaging game in which one of the groups, either you or any other kid, will become the Simon and whatever he or she commands, then all the other kids will have to follow only those commands that start with “Simon says.” This game keeps the entertainment going on for hours without getting bored. This game increases their care to follow the instructions and thus increasing their motor skills. You can play it with your toddler as well. Give them mixed commands with or without adding “Simon says” in the start.  


Some kids are geniuses from their birth—others hard work to get the same level of intellect. Even if your kid is extra sharp or not, engage him or her in some educational helping games that will entertain them and make them learn about different things as well. You can use the toys or the home appliances and start counting and pointing to them and make them repeat after you. After playing even for a short time, your kid will be counting everything on his or her own.

 These are some of the best ideas on how to entertain a 2-year-old. There are many other ideas that you can also use. These are the ones that are universally liked by every toddler.

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