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GYMAX Children Slide and Swing Set

The own playground in the garden or in the nursery is for children simply the greatest. Playing in the garden in the fresh air is healthy and enhances your child’s creativity. With a beautiful indoor-outdoor playground you create enough space for your kids to let off steam. Sliding with a garden slide inspired people for generations and is always a very special highlight.

GYMAX children slide - safety
GYMAX children slide and swing – safety features

If you buy a playground you should always make sure that it is stable and ensures the safety of your children. The GYMAX Children Slide and Swing Set is made from sturdy plastic. High side walls provide a high level of security for children. In terms of security, the product:

  • has a non-slip ladder (very important after rainy days),
  • has smooth surface (children love it),
  • is all well designed and securely connected,
  • has a stable base so there is no chance of falling down.

This product is full of features so that your child won’t get bored too quickly. Apart of the swing and slide, it for example also has an interesting basketball hoop. GYMAX also includes the ball.

The product has excellent ratings on Amazon UK so it is clear that it is appreciated by many parents and, of course, the children.

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