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The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable Playset caught my eye because it combines the ever-popular Disney Princess concept with horses – both things that most 2 year olds love! 

Aimed at children from 18 months all the way up to 5 years, this toy is designed to grow with your child.

Princess pony stables toyWhat’s included?

This princess toy with horses and stables includes several Disney characters – Rapunzel and Maximus on their ponies. The toy includes 3 play areas:

  1. 3-floor princess castle tower
  2. Royal stables
  3. Outdoor courtyard

Children can make the characters can visit any of these locations. Plenty of activities are available. The characters ride the ponies and can move up the ramp/walkway and around the corners on their own, as well as down the fun slide – fascinating to a 2 year old, especially with the ‘klip-klop’ sound effects! There’s a spinning dance floor where the horses dance and prance to music. The castle also includes Rapunzel’s dressing room, Belle’s library and a kitchen. The stable includes a food bin and 2 stables with doors that are just right for 2 year olds to open and close.

You can buy extra princess characters to extend the playset – available on Amazon.

What’s so great about this toy?

The toy is really enhanced by the clever sound effects. The princesses make giggling noises and the horses neigh. Music plays when the characters enter the castle.

I really like the way in which the child can affect what happens in this playset. A 2 year old is learning about cause and effect, and will be fascinated to see the horses move on their own after the child opens the stable door – or hear the sound effects as the characters do different activities. These actions are the same every time, which appeals to 2 year olds who want to be constantly reminded that the world is a predictable place. However the toy can also be used in different and more imaginative ways, without relying on the moving parts and sound effects.

I also like the way that it includes stables and animals, as this makes it different from all the other princess castles you can buy. Most 2 year old girls love animals as well as princesses, so it’s a good idea to combine them in a single toy.

Princess pony toyWhat’s the downside?

I think this princess playset looks a bit stereotypical. It looks more like a Disney Princess palace than a stables. The intricate detailing is a bit fussy for my taste and this isn’t something I would relish having on display in my house.

However not everyone minds having toys like this in their house, and it can of course be tidied away when your child has finished playing. The design and colours might make this toy appeal more to 2 year olds which is a good thing – it’s not designed to appeal to me!


The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable Playset is a great toy for 2 year old girls. Although I personally don’t love the design (to be honest, Disney Princess isn’t really my thing), it will appeal to 2 year old girls and that’s what matters. This toy gives you plenty for your money with ponies and princesses, castle and stable plus slide and various other extras. 

The stables playset is simple enough for toddlers to understand, for example they can push the horses around and make the princesses ride on them. However it’s sophisticated enough to grow with them. As their imaginative play skills develops, they can use this toy for more advanced games – for example reenacting Disney Princess stories they have watched on TV.

With this in mind, I think it’s a good choice of toy for 2 year olds who are interested in horses and/or princesses. Probably not one for the tom boys!

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