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Duplo Snow White

Duplo Snow White is a popular choice on many 2 year old girls’ Christmas present list, as well as older children.

This Lego Duplo set consists of Snow White at her little forest cottage. You get a lot for your money as it comes complete with:

  • Duplo Snow White Lego figure with detachable skirt
  • Duplo white rabbit
  • Front of Duplo Snow White’s cottage with opening window, roof and fence
  • Table and chairs
  • Tree with flower
  • Decorated Duplo bricks
  • Bird
  • Plate with apples

Like many people, I find a lot of Lego Duplo toys a bit depressing as they have to be used in a certain way, which doesn’t encourage children’s creativity. Duplo Snow White achieves a good balance. While some children will enjoy setting up the Duplo Snow White set exactly like the picture, others will use it as a basis for imaginative play and will experiment with different combinations.

The Duplo Snow White toy is suitable for children from 18 months to 2 years old, right up until 5 years, so they won’t grow out of it too quickly. It has very good on Amazon and is a popular choice for 2 year olds who are too young for proper Lego, as well as older children up to age 5.

To extend this toy, Duplo Snow White can be used with other Disney Princess Duplo sets such as Sofia the First Royal Castle and Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Tale. This allows children to create a whole world of fantasy and fun, making the most of their growing imaginations.


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