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TOP 10 – Best dollhouse for 2 year old [November 2021]


Dollhouses are a great way to kickstart your child’s cognitive development and to introduce them to real world stages, such as owning a house. When a child is faced with up keeping, developing and roleplaying a home and a home situation, they learn invaluable lessons which transfer to real life situations. Read further and find out what the best dollhouse for 2 year old is according to us.

The world famous role play toy was developed in the 18th century, originally used by the wealthiest families to replicate their homes. However, the product once only enjoyed by the top 1% quickly became a success in the children’s toy market –  now loaded with classic wooden houses as well larger plastic and lego ones so your child can build their own from the ground up. Another benefit is that there’s more demand than ever, which means you can pick yours up on Amazon Prime for one day delivery.

The dollhouse has the ability to become to centrepiece to your little one’s toy collection and many of them come pre-furnished, meaning you needn’t worry about buying even more. The best part about this classic toy is that the possibilities are truly endless, whether your kid’s setting up the bedroom for a king, or batman, it really doesn’t matter – let them lose themselves in a world created by them for them.

My 5 top picks

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Top 10 – dollhouse for 2 year old

#1 WINNER – Best dollhouse for 2 year old – Battat Big Red Barn Animal Farm Playset for Toddlers 18m+

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Battat makes amazing toys and they centre their themes around farming and animals ranging from sheep to t-rex’s, with the No products found. being one of their most popular dollhouses for children 18 months and over. It stands at a height of 12 inches, making it great for your little one’s tiny hands, but not to small so that they can’t get much use out of it – all their favourite little figures will fit in it just fine. The barn separated horizontally to provide two floors and includes a friendly horse, a cow, a sheep, a pig and a farmer to keep them in check.

There’s a large barn door to the back of the product, with three stable doors which also open and close on the front – the whole barn can be opened up by a hinge on the right hand side, making it easier to cram furniture and animals in as their hands grow.

The barn is rigid enough to withstand accidental falls and potential tantrum throws, as barn role-play can often become frustrating if the animals aren’t following the farmers orders. Parents said that despite the listed dimensions, the barn seemed a lot bigger than they expected. They also said that the product was sturdy, excellent and that the animals weren’t too small. One reviewer said that they’ve since added more animals to the farm with ease and that their grandchildren, of which she has bough three of them the Big Red Barn, have all loved it.

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#2 – LEGO DUPLO Disney Frozen Ice Castle Princess Elsa and Anna

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The No products found. is a small, atypical dollhouse, designed around the Frozen film franchise. Given its small height of just over three inches, this one is definitely for the younger ones. Lego’s quite technical and requires a bit more development and skills that your 2 old may not have just yet, so this sizes dollhouse should be more than sufficient in preparing them for the larger, original lego branded products. The dollhouse, or doll-castle should we say, features a slide, transparent ‘ice’ bricks, table, chairs and even kitchen equipment. One of the best features is the special editions button-operated light brick which provides multi-coloured illumination for your kids castle, which drastically changes its appearance.

Unlike the Battat barn, the Lego DUPLO design gives your child even more creative freedom, as they can merge other DUPLO bricks from other sets to let their imagination run free – there really is no limit. The set also includes three figures, Elsa, Anna and Olaf the snowman, which will help them in their role play experience. Lego claims that their product improve your child’s motor abilities and even helps them develop their language, social and emotional skills.

One customer said that the castle was easy to assemble, easy to amend, timeless and that the price was said to be absolutely worth it. One parent even said their child got DUPLO Peppa Pig involved!

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#3 – LEGO DUPLO Town Modular Playhouse 3-in-1 Set, Dolls House for 2+ Year Old Girls and Boys with Figures and Animals for Toddlers

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Once again, we’re featuring Lego DUPLO on this list for its amazing versatility and its ability to provide endless enjoyment. The No products found. is no exception, standing at 14cm, this dollhouse isn’t either too big or too small. It can be build in three different ways, as a four floor tower-house, with a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. It includes a mum, dad, child, dog and a teddy bear, the whole family! This ideal family set-up is great for developing that emotional attachment for your child. As for the furniture, it comes with an opening fridge, a bathroom, toilet, a bedroom with a bed included, opening windows, drawers and soft blankets to cover with. The list continues, with accessories ranging from the guitar all the way to the teapot and pan.

This really is one of the most decked out, complete dollhouses we’ve found so far.

Lego says their product teaches kids about everyday life routines, from waking up, to mealtimes and all the way to bedtime – providing the ultimate role-play experience. Reviews said that the toy brought their child fun, imagination and even guaranteed the parents some alone time as this dollhouse really keeps the little ones occupied. This product is great for those parents who are working from home and really need the alone time to get on with tasks.

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#4 – Multicolor Simba Masha Bears House Playset

The No products found. is an innovative, playful, folding-in-to open-plan dollhouse for 2 year old, which allows your child to dive right in to one of their favourite cartoon worlds. The set comes with a Masha figure, a bear figure, as well as a water boiler tap accessory, as well as a single standing stove, an arm chair and a TV. The set also feature a fridge, drawers with a surface top bread bin on one side and fire place and a library bookshelf on the other – both of these fold out of the centre and on to either side of the open plan house.

No products found.

This dollhouse for 2 year old stands at just over 7.5cm, which should be more than big enough for your two year old.

The nature of the dollhouse allows your child to recreate their favourite scenes from the show and when they’re done with it, they can neatly fold it up and set it aside to avoid losing pieces and causing clutter.

The rear door of the house opens and when faced towards you, gives the illusion of the house being closed in – this one really is for the imaginative, creative child.

Parents warn of the small parts in this set, so we advise supervision at all times when your child is playing.

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#5 – Peppa Pig Family Home Playset

This unique set is a three story open plan house, featuring a wide array of colours and six large rooms. It comes complete with a Peppa Pig figure, with the option to buy the remaining characters separately, along with lots of furniture and accessories including a desk and computer, a bunk bed, washing basket, mirror, tricycle, a bath, tv, sofa and a table and chairs for the kitchen.

No products found.

The No products found. is scaled to be used with other Peppa Pig sets, including other character figures and vehicle play sets.

The house features a traditional detached home exterior, however, the interior is completely open-plan, meaning there’s no fiddling around with moving furniture through windows and doors etc.

This one stands at 35cm, which means even their bigger figures and toys can be used with it.

One parent said that their once two-year-old still plays with this dollhouse now at five, withstanding breakage over the three year period and even withstanding their little one’s interest! Many parents were confused by the cardboard characters and mistakenly though they were figurines, but we’re giving you the heads up and telling you that these characters cannot be played with or used with the set.

No products found.

#6 – LEGO DUPLO Town Bakery Playset with Cafe Van, Cakes and Cupcakes, Large Bricks for Toddlers 2+ Year Old

No products found.

The No products found. is a four part toy product featuring a cafe van, with the cafe outdoor setup for the table and chairs as well as the food processor. The set comes complete with two DUPLO figures, the girl and the bakery selling figure. The set encourages cooking, serving and food delivery role-play. Again, this set can be used in conjunction with other DUPLO sets and would work perfectly with the other sets mentioned in this list.

The Bakery Playset isn’t a typical dollhouse product, as it encourages using the van and your kids imagination, to visit new destinations on delivery trips or even long road trips!

As for sizing, this playset stand at 9.4cm, but of course can be made taller with some creativity. Parents said they enjoyed helping their children build this set and that is was easy to assemble and also mentioned that the larger bricks by DUPLO were perfectly sized and posed less of a hazard that original lego bricks. As ever, Lego sets are great for birthdays and Christmas, every child’s face lights up when they tear the paper back to reveal a lego set.

No products found.

#7 – Peppa Pig Deluxe Playhouse

And the next addition to this list is another dollhouse for 2 year old from the world of Peppa Pig, a deluxe playhouse complete with accessories: No products found.. If you’re looking for a high-value dollhouse, perfect for the role-play experience, then this even more than you need. The detached house is spread across two floors and two rooms, however when unfolded reveals three more rooms, a staircase and even a little garden.

No products found.

The set comes with a dining room table and chairs, a bath, a Peppa figurine, two sofa chairs, a tv, as well as a bunk bed. Adding this Peppa Pig set to you kids collection could open up a whole new world of possibilities for their imagination and their cognitive development.

The pieces are small enough for your two year old’s hand, but large enough to not pose a threat to their wellbeing. Parents praised this set’s durability, the quality of packaging and the amount of stimulating, imaginative play the dollhouse provides. Again, be sure to purchase the other character figures separately to allow your child to fully invest in the Peppa Pig playhouse experience.

No products found.

#8 – HappyLand Fairyland Bluebell Boot

This fictional and imaginative boot-house is unconventional, creative and an absolute must for your little one. This boot-shaped house features a range of bright colours, with a closed off reverse side and a front side which can be opened up by three doors appropriately hinged to allow easy access to the inside of the dollhouse. The No products found. set comes with four people figures as well as a caterpillar, furniture for the inside, a swing and a slide. When the door is opened, magical sounds automatically play to create a heightened role-play experience.

No products found.

#9 – Wooden Doll House With Furniture & Figures

No products found.

And here’s a more traditional dollhouse for 2 year old in our top 10 lineup, the No products found., a 13 piece, open-plan structure great for little figurines, as well your two year old. The house features a bed, cooker and hood, a sofa, couch, chair, dining table and chairs as well as an oven and hob. The set is complete with four dolls which fit the aesthetic.

This dollhouse for 2 year old comes flat-packed and is best built by the parents alone, however crafty two year olds may be able to join in on the building process as the screws used are wooden. It stands at 25cm and would be a great addition to any other wooden toys your child may have.

No products found.

#10 – LEGO DUPLO Town Playroom Playable Dolls House Box for Toddlers 2+ Year Old, Large Bricks Learning Toy

And finally in number 10 we have yet another DUPLO set, possibly the smallest one we’ve covered so far, standing at 8cm. This one’s an open-plan playroom featuring two character figures, colourful toys, a unicorn rocking horse and balloons. Children can enter the role-play of a birthday party or play imaginary school when using this dollhouse set, developing their construction and motor skills from a young age.

No products found.


So we’ve covered pretty much every type of low-budget dollhouse for 2 year old you could ever want for your child, with all of them perfect for developing cognitive ability through role-play activities. It’s worth noting that some dollhouses are more or less suitable for others, such as the fact that Peppa Pig themed dollhouses are aimed at Peppa Pig fans. Also, we mentioned Lego DUPLO on this list so many times due to the endless possibilities the construction toy brings.


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