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TOP 9 review – Doctor outfit for a toddler [November 2021]


Playing dress ups in a Doctor outfit is one of the simplest, yet greatest joys for your toddler. It brings out endless imagination in young children and allows them to not only develop life skills, but a chance to dream and to live out those dreams through play. It’s fantastic to watch your kids play make believe, and just enjoy expressing their imagination in so many different ways.

Doctor, Doctor!

One of those ways is dressing up as doctors and nurses. This is such a fantastic imaginary role because it’s focused on helping and healing and building up someone else. It’s brain building, its vocabulary building, there’s problem solving involved, and of course empathy.

So, to help with your Child’s growth and development, I’ve come up with a list of nine doctor outfits for toddlers that ah my top picks. I’ve also listed my top five but there’s nine that I think are fantastic and you would do well to have a look through these and hopefully find one that is suitable for your little doctor or nurse.

Why a Doctor Outfit for your toddler?

The reason dressing up as a doctor is one of the best dress ups, is because there are so many accessory possibilities! There are stethoscopes, and glasses, thermometers, and all sorts of other things to play with and stir up the imagination of the next generation.

So, without any further ado, let us have a look at the top nine doctor outfit a toddler can wear.

My 5 top picks

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Top 9 doctor outfit toddler

#1 WINNER – Litti City Doctor Kit

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The No products found. is an absolute winner. This 11-piece doctor kit will be a favourite with boys or girls as they spend time dressing up like a doctor and treating patients with this complete kit. It includes a doctor’s coat, eyeglasses, stethoscopes, an ID badge, and a bonus Story book. The book that is included is a beautifully illustrated Story book. Not only does Litti Dr Benny go in to work with his Dad and play doctor but he gets an exam at the end to allay the kids’ fears about going to the doctor and inspire further reading. This is a great gift idea with a full set of doctor toys perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or other holidays.

Realistic Doctor Outfit for your Toddler

The kit has a realistic looking doctor’s coat and you can attach your very own ID badge to make it official which includes a place for your child to put their own photo! This set will absolutely spark your child’s imagination and so much role-playing fun. Whether they want to play doctor, just dress up in a doctor outfit for a party, or sit and read the colourful pages doctor Benny, this is a great way to occupy their time end ignite creativity in an extremely fun way.

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This is a great Doctor outfit for your toddler!

#2 – Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Play Set

The No products found. is another great way to encourage your child to play creatively. The dress up encourages interaction through imaginative play and hopes to build early speech and language skills.

No products found.

The white doctor’s coat will have your child feeling like they are the doctor and are ready to help any patient that may come along. It comes with a name badge that can be wiped clean and reused time and time again. It also has a pretend stethoscope which can be hours of fun for the child as they imagine listening to a patient’s heart and hearing it beat. The doctor’s coat has two over-sized snaps which makes it easy to fasten and unfasten for little hands.

The tradition of wearing white coats by doctors and trained surgeons began in the late 1800’s to help them distinguish themselves from the fake healthcare providers who were attempting to sell miracle cures. Your child is going to look the real deal with this white coat and stethoscope!

Great Doctor Outfit!

With this doctor outfit your toddler is going to feel good about themselves ready to help the world get better. This is such a great way to encourage your child and get them thinking about great value in life.

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#3 – Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Set

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The No products found. is an entertaining doctor role-play outfit for your toddler. This one has realistic sound effects built into the stethoscope so that when it’s used, they feel like they’re really doing it. It comes with the doctor’s jacket, the reflex hammer, the stethoscope, and ear scope, are reusable name tag, a mask.

This brand has 30 years of commitment to the highest quality standards behind it, so you know that you’re getting a quality product. High quality materials have been used in the construction of this doctor outfit for toddlers. The mask and the jacket are both machine washable to make for the easiest of clean up.

Paediatricians recommend toys that inspire hands on imaginative thinking and this outfit and accessories certainly does that. This type of play builds social competence and flexibility. Does your child spend too much time in front of the screen? This is a fantastic alternative to screen time and get your child motivated and exercising their imagination.

There are eight pieces in this doctor outfit for toddlers and while that includes the jacket, the stethoscope with sound effects, the thermometer, the syringe, and more, it will also need AAA batteries which are not included in the set.

No products found.

#4 – Theo Klein Doctor’s White Coat

This is one of the simplest doctor outfit’s that you are able to buy: No products found..

This doctor’s white coat helps your toddler to ignite their imagination with this coat that has all the instruments a doctor will made already printed onto the coat itself.

No products found.

If you’re looking for a simple outfit to go to that party with comma this is the one for you full stop children love role play and they love pretend games and this white coat will make them feel like real doctors to be able to help and comfort their patients.

Whether it’s taken care of a pet, a brother or sister, or even finding an unwell teddy bear that needs urgent attention, this coat will help your toddler to feel like they can provide the best care possible to their patient. This is a high quality one size fits all outfit that will fit children up to the age of six years. Approximately 55 cm long.

Toddler’s Doctor Outfit.

One of the best things about the instruments being printed directly onto the code, is the fact that they can’t lose any of the tools or instruments and yet they still get to feel like they have them and they are there ready to use.

No products found.

#5 – amscan Child Doctor Costume

No products found.

This No products found. Doctor’s outfit is for toddlers and up to 10 years of age. It includes the lab coat, shirt, trousers, a cap, badge, and a stethoscope. There are plenty of sizes to choose from and you can check the chart to find the best fit before you buy. The realistic stethoscope will have your child laughing and wanting to listen to your heartbeat, or even their own, for hours on end. This is a fantastic outfit and will keep them entertained without the screen time.

This is a perfect outfit for a dress up day at school or even just a party with their friends. There are so many ways this can be used as it is a full outfit and not just the lab coat. It will have them feeling like they are the real deal the only thing you’ll need to add is a pair of shoes. The cap will keep their hair back just like a real surgeon, with pockets for their accessories and the stethoscope to aid the completed look.

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#6- Glonova Kids Doctor Kit

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This No products found. is an excellent doctor outfit for toddlers and not only that, it has brilliant accessories and carry bag that is included. When dressing up in this Doctor’s outfit, it can give your child the confidence for their next doctor visit! It allows kids to learn how to take care of the people around them all their pets or even just their teddy bear. It helps to develop communication skills and is ideal for individual play or even in a group. It may even help your child to take medicine, or have an injection, if it’s needed, when they begin to play the role of the doctor and try to give these things to you.

This is also a fantastic interactive toy to encourage communication skills in your child but also between parent and child to help build your bond and relationship.

Each of these kits includes the doctor’s coat, a set of glasses, an ear scope, an ID card, a pretend knife, an injector, the hammer, the stethoscope, a medical chart and clipboard, the reflex hammer, scissors, and a thermometer.

No products found.

#7 – Kids Unisex Hospital Doctor Costume (3-4 years)

No products found.

The No products found. is a simple, but detailed, Doctor’s outfit will fit your toddler or child up to 10 years of age. This is perfect for Halloween or a themed party, or career day at school. The set includes a surgical mask, trousers, the top the coat. The stethoscope, notepad, and the shoes are not included.

This outfit is perfect for boys or girls and provides the complete doctor look. There are some items printed onto the coat in the top pocket that give a realistic look and feel without the ability to lose these items.

This is such a good way to encourage your child to grow and develop in their language and in their creativity and using their imagination to build empathy for one another.

Learning to care for another person or thing other than themselves is a very rewarding activity.

No products found.


No products found.

31% of people say that they would prefer to be treated by a female doctor.

This is exactly why we should be encouraging our little girls to dress up and play the role of a doctor at home.

This girl’s Doctor fancy dress costume No products found. is just the lab coat but is a fantastic outfit for any dress up occasion.

There are multiple different sizes and can range from a toddler right up to 12 years old.

So, no matter how old your little one or not so little one is, this is a great fancy dress doctors outfit.

No products found.

#9 – Child Doctor’s Scrubs Costume

No products found.

The last one on my list is a doctor outfit for your toddler and/or right up to an 8-year-old that includes the top with attached mock lab jacket, the trousers, the mask, and the stethoscope.

This No products found. is a fantastic outfit that has everything your toddler or child needs to dress up and be the life of the party.

Again, this one has the printed utensils in the top pocket on the jacket so they cannot get lost, but they still look professional.

Because it includes the top and the trousers, they get the complete outfit perfect for career day at school all that dress up day at home, or a party.

There really is no better way to give your child the best start to life than to encourage the use of their imagination and get them being creative.

No products found.


There are so many great outfits on this list but you could pick any single one of them and get that creativity going in your child. Whether you want all the accessories or just the lab jacket, whatever you need there’s something in this list for everyone. Don’t let your child’s creativity go to waste, encourage their imagination and generate a source of empathy and care in them that will last well into later life. I hope this list has been helpful for you and encourages you just spend some interactive time with your child and just have some fun!

I used to love playing with the stethoscope as a kid and trying to listen to my parent’s heartbeats or the heartbeat of our pet. When there are siblings, it can increase the amount of fun through imaginative play and creativity. Don’t let your Childs imagination go to waste. Grab one of these doctors’ outfits with or without all the accessories, and be ready for the next dress-up party.

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