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Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes – Santa, Angel, Snowflake, Elf, Snowman

Most 2 year olds love to dress up in Christmas-themed fancy dress costumes whether this is an angel, snowflake, Santa suit, snowman or elf. Here’s a nice selection of super-cute Christmas outfits that are available in 2 year old sizes.

Christmas fancy dress costumes aren’t just for Christmas. Put them in a fancy dress box and your 2 year old will enjoy dressing up in them throughout the year.

Santa’s Little Helper Cute Elf Christmas Costume

Christmas elf outfit2 year olds are just the right age to start helping to give out the presents on Christmas morning.

This Christmas elf costume is for children aged 18-24 months and will be fine for most 2 year olds (it is on the large side…). It comes with green faux suede jacket with velcro fastening, separate red trousers, black elf belt and boot covers which are attached to the trouser (so the child can wear their usual footwear). You also get a cute red and white hat with pom pom. I think this is a lovely outfit for 2 year old boys or girls.

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Santa/Father Christmas Suit Costume

Childrens Toddler Cute Little Santa Suit Christmas Costume 2 - 3 Years Pretend to Bee Toys & GamesA Santa suit is a classic Christmas costume for any child. This one is for age 2-3 years, so it’s perfect for 2 year old boys or girls.

The fancy dress costume comes with Father Christmas top and trousers with boots attached, plus hat.

It has lots of cute little details such as white fold-down collar, white cuffs and hem on the sleeves and trouser legs, white trim and bobble on the Santa hat and grey soles on the boots.

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Angel Costume

Angel costume for 2 year oldsIf your 2 year old girl goes to nursery then she’s quite likely to end up being an angel in the nativity at some point. Most of the angel costumes for toddlers that I have seen are quite plain and badly made, or are just really tacky and not very nice!

This angel costume for 1-2 year olds (12-24 months) is much cuter and the dress is actually really pretty. The sleeves are lovely and frilly, the wings have lots of swirly detail and the dress has cute ruffles on the top. The silky skirt has a petticoat which is visible and makes the costume prettier. There’s a little star on the front of the dress too.

Since the angel wings are detachable, this is actually a nice dress to wear to parties and on other non-Christmas occasions.

The only downside of this angel costume is that it comes with a headband rather than a halo. The headband is very pretty and has silver detailing, but if you really want a halo then you can buy them very cheaply, for example this one. Or just tie some white tinsel around the child’s head to create a headband.

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Snowflake or Fairy Costume

Christys Dress Up White Fairy Dress with Wings (1 - 3 Years) Christy's Toys & GamesThis year my daughter Sophia was cast as a snowflake in her nativity – a bit different from the usual choice of angel! I discovered that it’s much harder to find a snowflake costume than an angel outfit! Most snowflake costumes are basically fairy costumes with a few snowflakes on, so they double as both.

The best snowflake costume I found was this one. As with the angel costume that I talked about above, the dress is very pretty and would be good for ballet or general dressing up. The skirt is cut into snowflake or petal-shaped sections with intricate silver detail, and there’s a silver snowflake on the front. There are small ruffles down the side of the top and pretty elasticated frilly sleeves.

If you’re using this as a snowflake costume then I recommend extending it by creating a headband and attaching snowflakes using wire and tinsel or cardboard snowflakes (you know, the snowflakes you make by folding the card and putting lots of tiny cuts in it). A wand is also a nice addition – either a star-shaped wand for a fairy or a snowflake wand.

This costume is for children aged 1 – 3 years old – great for 2 year olds.

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Snowman Costume

Toddler Snowman Christmas Costume Plus Hat Age 2-3 Years Toys & GamesFor fancy dress that’s a bit more unusual, a snowman costume might be a good option. It’s also a bit warmer (ironically!).

This snowman costume is for toddlers aged 2 to 3 years old.

It comes with a one-piece white onesie with big fake buttons and snowflake patterns – the buttons don’t actually work and there’s velcro at the back instead. The black hat is very cute and has holly on it.

The costume also comes with a black, red and screen scarf which is just the right length for a 2 year old.

While the boy in the picture looks a bit glum (!), most 2 year olds will love this fancy dress costume!

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