Outdoor Play

An Unusual Play Wendy House with a Difference

Most 2 year olds and older children love playing in wendy houses. They’re perfect for pretend play and a great outlet for a child’s growing imagination, either alone or with friends. They’re also a good opportunity to play outdoors, even on a rainy day. There are plenty of hideous plastic play wendy houses available, but a […]

Accessories for Little Tikes Coupe Ride On Toy Car

The Little Tikes Coupe Ride On remains one of the most popular ride-on toy cars for 2 year old boys and girls. If you know a 2 year old who loves their Little Tikes Coupe Ride On, then you can extend the life of their toy with the cute accessories that are available. Little Tikes Cozy […]

Childrens slide for 2 year old

£30 children’s slide for 2 year olds

Sophia’s 2 year old birthday was last week. One of her favourite presents was the Little Tykes My First Slide. Like many 2 year olds, Sophia loves things that are familiar to her. She wasn’t too impressed when the slide first arrived, whereas her 2 year old cousin immediately spent a full half hour using […]

Top wooden playhouse for 2 year old

Outdoor wooden playhouse for 2 year old

There are lots of plastic playhouses for 2 year old children, but this wooden playhouse is something special. Walton’s Honeypot Dutch Barn Playhouse is 6 feet square and built to last. Made from sturdy tongue and groove wooden panels, this unisex outdoor wooden playhouse appeals to boys and girls alike. It looks like a traditional […]

2 year old climbing frame toy

Top outdoor climbing frames for 2 year olds

2 year olds love climbing and enjoying their new found mobility. Although they’re not yet ready for full size climbing frames, they are some great mini climbing frames for 2 year olds. Depending on your budget, some outdoor climbing frames for 2 year olds have built in extras which add to the fun, such as […]