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Toy for 2 year old boys and girlsI think this toy car carrier is a great toy for 2 year old boys or girls.

Most 2 year olds love putting things inside one another, so this brightly coloured car carrier has great appeal. Although it’s designed to work with the Toot Toot toy cars that are so popular with 2 year olds, you can fit all sorts of cars (not to mention dolls, farm animals etc. etc.!) inside and wheel it around.

It comes with an electronic car included, so you don’t have to buy separate toy cars unless you want to.

With lights, sounds and music (including vehicle lingo!), the toy car carrier provides lots of entertainment for 2 year olds. I was very impressed by the sheer number of buttons and functions. It also has a drop-down ramp and back gate, which are great fun for 2 year olds fascinated by learning how things work.

This toy costs around £25 and is the right price for a birthday present or Christmas gift – the cheapest I found it for was on Amazon UK. It’s very sturdy and will withstand lots of use and abuse from 2 year olds and older children!

Amazon describe the target gender as being male, but this is probably just a marketing thing as it will appeal to 2 year old boys and girls alike.

VTech say it’s aimed at children from 1-5 years, so 2 year olds should enjoy this toy car carrier for several years. I would agree with this as it’s flexible and interesting enough to be played with in different ways as children get older.

So all in all, a top toy for 2 year old children.


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