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Best bicycle for 2 year old – TOP 10 review [November 2021]


When it comes to cycling, it’s best to learn as early as possible and that’s the reason why we’ve put together this top 10 article to find out the best bicycle for 2 year old toddlers.

Now don’t get freaked out too soon, we’re not including any bikes with chains or heavy frames, no these are bicycles for a 2 year old toddler and no one else! For the most part, the one’s that made this list either have no pedals, or front-wheel fixed pedals for added safety. We’ve curated this one with safety in mind 100% of the time.

Important features to consider are size, weight and most importantly, colour and design! You want your child to love their first bike because their first experience will transfer on to the next one and the next one, which is great because they may just become a pro.

And for this list, we’ve also only included ride-on bikes because your 2 year old just doesn’t have the motor skills to be able to balance on a bike, all whilst delivering the necessary actions of peddling, breaking and most importantly, tuning into their environment for potential hazards and danger. We trust that your little one will have the safest, most fun time of their lives on any of the bikes mentioned in this top 10 list, featuring our market choices for the best bicycle for 2 year old toddlers.

My 5 top picks

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Top 10 – bicycle for 2 year old

#1 WINNER – XIAPIA Baby Balance Bicycle for 2 Year Old Toddlers (Blue)

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The Xiapia Baby Balance Bike is the perfect first bicycle for 2 year old toddlers, it’s made with premium materials and features a design which can not be found anywhere else. The bike was made with one objective, to help the baby balance effectively and develop their motor skills in order to move up to more conventional bicycles as soon as possible. The BPA-free, non-toxic plastics in this product also comply with the toys council directive, which means it’s low risk in every single way.

Another great feature of this bike is that it’s made with other ages in mind, it’s perfect for the ages of 10-24 months and over and is great for toddlers who may have not perfected their walking skills just yet. It’ll surely be a birthday gift your toddler never forgets. Once they’ve used something like this, the upgrade to a pedal bike will be seamless.

The No products found. is easy rolling and easy to use, the seat should prove extremely comfortable for your little one. The frame is made a carbon steel which makes it lightweight and extremely durable and to top it all off, the non-slip EVA handlebar is capped at a 135 degree steering limit which has been done to avoid side falls and feet injuries.

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The latest model of this impressive bicycle for 2 year old toddlers has been upgraded with an easier installation process. It takes three steps and only a couple of minutes to assemble this amazing first time bike.

This bike is the perfect gift to put under the tree for Christmas Day and could also be great to give as a birthday present. If anything, your child wants to start cycling sooner rather than later, so maybe even gift it as a means to invest in their future?

This metallic-matte blue frame matches perfectly with the overall design of the bike and matches the the wheel’s inner linings.

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#2 – XIAPIA Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle for 2 Year Old Toddlers (Orange)

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We loved this one so much, that we’ve even made it our number two spot choice as well. This orange colour changes the game so much though that the No products found. deserves its own spot in this top 10.

Reading ‘MiniBike,’ with a cartoon panda on the side, this metallic orange is very McLaren like. And on the front, you can find a plus sign kind of symbol, which only adds to the uniqueness and coolness of this amazing design.

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#3 – Gonex Baby Balance Bicycle for 2 Year Old Toddlers (Pink)

This bicycle for 2 year old toddlers is by Gonex, who’ve made this amazing balance bike. The balance bike features a design which has made it possible to adjust the height of the seat through a slick and efficient pole and tightening screw system – as well as the handle bars. The bike is aimed at children between the ages of 12-36 months who are learning how to walk and are perfecting their balancing skills.

This balance bike is great for building the necessary motor paths and muscle strength needed to stand, walk and eventually run. The bike will also give your child the most important thing, confidence, which will spur them on to try even harder in their pursuit to move with purpose.

No products found.

Again, the No products found. features a 135 degree steering cap, which avoids side falling. The lack of pedals has been purposely done to avoid feet injuries that they can cause when your child is left unsupervised.

This balance bike and or safe baby walker, has been made with carbon steel and a non-slip TPE handle, this makes the bike lightweight and strong, whilst keeping the handle bars grippy and even safer for your child to use. The soft support on the seat guarantees to keep your child comfortable with every day use of the bike.

Gonex recommend this bike to be used as a birthday present, Christmas present or for any and all festivals you may be celebrating. If cycling is a must for you and your child, then don’t waste anymore time and pick one up as soon as you can!

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#4 – Gonex Baby Balance Bicycle for 2 Year Old Toddlers (Blue)

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In at number four we have the same Gonex Balance Bike, but in blue! This blue and yellow colour reminds us a bit of the deep sea divers we all saw in cartoons when we were younger. Despite the colour change, everything else is exactly the same with the No products found., however it comes in at a slightly cheaper price.

No products found.

#5 – Kinderkraft Balance Bicycle for 2 Year Old Toddlers

The Kinderkraft balance bike is an original design, vividly coloured, light pink and black three wheeled balance bike perfect for your little girl. The low weight of this bike comes in at only 1.8kg, which means your child is able to lift, carry and drive it. The carrying capability of the No products found. is fantastic for those unpredictable moments where the bike lands on top of them in the event of an accident.

The adjustable saddle makes this bike perfect for adjusting as your child grows and the rear wheel bearings make the bike a smooth and easy ride. The Eva foam wheels have soft impact on surfaces, meaning they won’t cause any damage to your floors.

No products found.

#6 – Arkmiido Baby Balance Bicycle for 2 Year Old Toddlers

This fantastic looking pedal bike is the perfect bicycle for 2 year old toddlers. At this age, pedals shouldn’t be an issue, as long as you can trust them. This bike has been made with safety in mind, finished with a carbon steel frame, durable silent wheels and non-slip grip handlebars and a comfortable for daily use.

The No products found. was made to be assembled easily, you only need to install the handlebars seat and pedals, all of which can be done by hand and within minutes.

This bike is perfect for children between the ages of 1 and 3, so your little one should get a lot of use out of it.

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#7 – HOMCOM Kids Trike Toddler 3 Wheel Ride-on Bicycle (Blue)

This amazing three wheel balance bike is another great addition to our top 10 on the best bicycle for 2 year old toddlers. The pedal free design makes it even simpler to operate and allows your child to truly progress at their own pace.

An EVA foam lines the handlebars of the No products found. and the seat has been given an ergonomic design, delivering maximum comfort for a hard days training. The frame is made from a strong aluminium, making it lightweight and portable.

No products found.

#8 – HOMCOM Kids Trike Toddler 3 Wheel Ride-on Bicycle (Yellow)

Next we have another HOMCOM but this time, in yellow. This is the slightly cheaper option, but in no way is it bad one. The yellow colour really does pop, it’s similar to that of a classic rain jacket yellow.

If you’re looking for a bicycle for 2 year old toddlers, then the No products found. could be the one.

No products found.

#9 – HOMCOM 3 Wheel Kids Tricycle Toddler Pedal Trike

HOMCOM have done it again, this time with a light blue, dark green, front wheel pedal bike featuring a basket! This bike is made of a high quality plastic ABS material and even has TPE wear-resistant wheels which guarantee a longer lifespan for both the bike and your money.

The No products found. even features a bell, making it more realistic and acts as a better role-play toy for your child.

No products found.

#10 – HOMCOM Kids Toddler 3 Wheels Pedal Bike

This sturdy metal and PP frame bike comes in colours that were just made for children. The blue, yellow and red colour scheme is a classic look for any children’s toy bike. This front wheel peddled bicycle features a basket at the rear, which is great for transporting toys around the playroom.

The handlebars are divided by no-other than an airhorn, so you’ll hear your little one wherever he goes on his No products found..

No products found.


So there we have it, we’ve covered everything from push-balance bikes, to front wheel peddle bicycles. The amount of variety in this top 10 has just been amazing and we’re so so confident that there’s at least one bike in this list that meets the needs of you and more importantly, your 2 year old toddler.

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