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Best nightlight for toddler – TOP 10 review [November 2021]


If there’s one thing all new parents know, it’s that eight hours of sleep really is a luxury. Children are easily spooked and woken up in the middle of the night and a lot of the time, they struggle to fall asleep full stop. Nightlight’s have the ability to revive the alert, un sunken, healthy-eyed you of the past and that’s why we’ve put together this top 10 for the best nightlight for toddler 2 year olds.

Toddlers, for the most part, are scared of the dark. We all remember what it was like trying to sleep in (especially old) houses with pipes clanging, floorboards creaking and such. A young, creative mind is going to run wild when these events occur, leading to the most extreme, irrational explanations which end up in terror, fear and unsettlement.

Battery life, colour and design are all important factors to consider when going about purchasing the best nightlight for toddler 2 year olds. You .want something that they’re going to want to use daily and something that’s agreeable with them. You need to know about the power supply as well, is it a wall pluggable one and is the plug near their bed? Is it a battery powered one and what’s the battery life? Is it dimmable? How much power does it use?

Now that that’s all been cleared up, lets get into the best nightlight for toddler 2 year olds.

My 5 top picks

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Top 10 best nightlight for toddler

#1 WINNER – Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Best Nightlight for Toddler

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This amazing moon lamp takes the number one spot and is certified, by us, the best nightlight for toddler 2 year olds. The LED moon lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery, this means you’re able to move the lamp closer to your child’s bed without cables getting tangled around everywhere. The best part about the battery is that it lasts between 8 and 10 hours, meaning it should last the entirety of your little one’s sleep cycle.

Another great feature is that the No products found. is interactive, if you tap the moon it’ll change colour and when you long press on it, the light will dim. The dimming effect is the perfect feature for weaning your child off of the nightlight, because once you reach the lowest dim setting, you can transition to no light at all.

This moon lamp is also as effective as it is authentic, the moon design is a complete replica of the first image NASA took of the moon itself, which makes for an even better purchase for your child’s bedroom. Also, kids love space, especially boys! This could very well be the best nightlight for toddler boys.

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#2 – Tesoky Star Night Light Projector for Kids – Best Nightlight for Toddler

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Another space themed nightlight, Tesoky have made this multi-functioning bedside night lamp. With the dome cover on, it acts as a nightlight and without the dome, it becomes the star projector we all dreamed of having as kids. Your little one can doze off to sleep under the stars, projected all over their bedroom, every-single-night. The No products found. will create the perfect atmosphere to them to sleep in.

What’s best is that this lamp is made of eco-friendly material, which is green ABS. It’s also silent running and has a very strong impact resistance. The actual light is an IC dimming LED chip which can be used for more than one year with everyday use.

There’s even three modes to choose from, with varying warmness, colours one setting that rotates the lights through a full 360 degrees.

This nightlight could be the best nightlight for toddler 2 year olds.

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#3 – Night Light,Best Nightlight for Toddler

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Slightly Alexa looking, this nightlight by Zermurd could be the perfect solution to your little one’s sleep problems. The light is touch control operated, for both on/off, as well as adjusting the brightness. You can even adjust the colour, through the RGB colour display. The saturation of the colours is just right to create a beautiful ambience within the room.

Due to the shape of the light, it provides 360 degree lighting and the transparent exterior gives the lamp a type of elegancy that is rarely found in kids nightlights.

The No products found. even has certification by many organisations and is no flick and no dazzle, which gives you the healthiest experience for your little one’s eyes.

At a height of just over 5.5 inches, this lamp won’t take up much space at all, in fact it should blend in nicely with all the other tiny things in your kids bedroom!

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#4 – LED Touch Night Light for Kids by PREKIAR

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This egg shaped nightlight is made from food and toy grade materials and is 100% safe for your baby to play with. The warm LED lights used by this one won’t flicker like cheaper ones on the market and it guarantees to not hurt your children’s eyes.

On the lowest brightness, this light’s battery lasts up to a staggering 100 hours, it has easy touch controls and is made with a practical design, made to be comfortable to grip and to use during the night. For this reason, we think the No products found. is one the best nightlight for toddler children with sleep issues.

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#5 – Night Light for Kids, Moon Star Projector

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Another interesting star and space themed lamp, this nightlight carries your child to sleep in a journey through the cosmos, and promises to bring the universe back home. It’s operated by only three buttons, which change the warmth, colours and the rotation of the light – yes this one can also rotate the sky projection around the room, another perfect feature for your toddler.

Having your little one under the stars is a great way to promote sleep, which over time will help them develop a healthy relationship with the dark – which is what any of the best nightlight for toddler children will do. Another great thing is that the No products found. isn’t some one trick pony, it can be used for birthday parties, weddings and any other setting that requires a beautiful or romantic light setting.

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#6 – Star Night Light Projector for Baby

This nightlight is a very interesting one, it comes with eight different projection films to swap out, which quite literally brings your kids’ room to life. There are seven different colour options, along with the choice to adjust the brightness. Another great feature on this nightlight is that it has four music options and the option for a 360 degree rotation. This can truly transform your little one’s sleep experience.

The No products found. is button and remote controlled and is also rechargeable and takes around 3-4 hours for a full charge. Again, this nightlight can be used for special occasions as well as its intended use.

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#7 – LEYMING Bike Tail Light, Best Nightlight for Toddler

This modern styled nightlight by LEYMING is another great, easy-to-use nightlight which promises to give your child, and you, the sleep you both deserve.

This nightlight is touch operated and the brightness can be adjusted in 25% increments. One of our favourite features with this nightlight is that the base of it has a little hook, meaning you can hang it from the ceiling of your kids room, or even outside under table umbrellas and many other places. The No products found. can glow for between 15 and 50 hours depending on brightness and that’s why we think it’s the best nightlight for toddler children.

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#8 – Nuby Penguin Baby Night Light

This cute little nightlight takes the shape of a penguin, which can be transformed through the amazing range of different colours which it can become. The light is touch operated and can used for between 9 and 10 hours after a full charge, which should be more than enough to get through the night.

The outer shell of the No products found. is silicone, so it’s soft to the touch and will withstand being dropped from the bedside table. This penguin nightlight is also portable, so your baby never has to be without his new best friend and bedtime saviour.

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#9 – Dinosaur Best Nightlight for Toddler Children Who Love Animals

Now when we think dinosaur, we usually think scary, but this is exactly the opposite. This cute little dinosaur is the best nightlight for toddler children with a big dinosaur obsession. It can transform the bedroom by changing its colour and its ability to drive away darkness.

You can trust your child alone with this No products found., as it’s made from a BPA free material which can’t harm them in any way.

This lamp lasts up to eight hours on a single charge, so it should last a whole sleep cycle.

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#10 – Star Projector Night Light Projector and Bluetooth Speaker

This one is just adorable, this projector and bluetooth speaker is a surefire way to send your child off to sleep in an instant. A special feature with the No products found. is that there’s a mode in which the light colour continuously changes.

Our favourite quotes by the makers of this light is when they mentioned carrying it to the bathroom, and who better to accompany your child than this cute little bunny rabbit? They’ll face safe the whole night as this little guardian glows and keeps away the darkness.

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When it comes to nightlights, there are so many options to choose from. When you look back through this top 10, try to think about what your child needs as an individual. Do they feel safest with an animal or a plain lamp? Do they need a projector with moving stars, or is a glowing object enough? Do they need portability? Do they need music? These are all important factors to consider when choosing the best nightlight for toddler children which sleep issues and you mustn’t over look any of them.


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