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Best Christmas Toys for 2 Year Olds – The Ultimate Gift List for Christmas

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and people across the globe are wondering about the best gifts to buy for 2 year old boys and girls. Toddlers are tricky to buy for because they change so quickly and most toys aren’t suitable for this age group.

Read on to discover the best toys for 2 year olds for Christmas. I’ve included toys for girls and boys, as well as toys to suit all tastes and budgets. There are small toys for families where space is an issue, and big ride-on toys for an extra special Christmas present.

Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage

The Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage is a ride-on chariot that’s the perfect size for 2 year olds to ride in. Recommended for 18 months and upwards, it will last a 2 year old for several years.

Like the classic Little Tykes ride-on car, there a removable floor so toddlers can touch the ground and scoot along to make it move. Parents can help by pulling the reins or pushing the handle on the roof.

This toy has plenty of extras to delight a 2 year old. For example, it makes a horse clip clopping noise and there are even cup holders! Parents aren’t forgotten, as there’s a cup holder for you as well as the child! The driver’s door opens and closes and is strong enough to withstand rough use.


VTech Toot Toot Drivers Goldmine

The VTech Toot Toot Drivers Goldmine is a train set with a difference.

Like any toy train set, 2 year olds will love putting the 32 pieces together to create different combinations. However, it’s much better than a typical train set because of the colourful design and toddler-pleasing features:

  • It really moves! The mining train and cargo car can move along the tracks unaided and go in and out of the mine.
  • The train and driver characters speak when they go past 9 different points on the track.
  • The mine includes a shape sorter with drop chute. 2 year olds love shape sorters and will spend hours working out how to get the shapes in to the correct colour-coded holes.
  • Fun cogs to improve 2 year olds’ motor skills.
  • Comes with 3 catchy songs plus 17 melodies.

Moana Soft Toy

The Moana 10 inch soft toy is an official Disney creation from the hugely popular film Moana.

Most Moana toys contain small parts and aren’t suitable for 2 year olds. This one is safe from birth and is beautifully made. It has a sewn-on ‘Heart of Te Fiti’ necklace that can’t get lost, and the skirt has just the right frills like the one in the film.

My daughter Sophia has one of these cuddly Moana dolls (we couldn’t wait until Christmas!) and sleeps with it every night. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for a 2 year old who loves Moana.


Moana 6-Inch Pua Soft Plush Toy

Given the popularity of Moana for Christmas, I thought I should include a choice of Moana toys in this gift list! The Moana 6-Inch Pua Soft Plush Toy is super-cute and will appeal to any 2 year old who loves Moana’s animal sidekick.

This cuddly pig toy is just like Moana’s friend Pua in the film. The fur is very soft and he has just the right markings. Perfect for 2 year old cuddles!

There’s also a bigger Pua soft toy if you prefer.


Little Tikes Premium Cooking Creations Wood Kitchen

2 year old girls and boys love play kitchens. This stems from their desire to copy what their parents do, and their emerging imagination.

The Little Tikes Premium Cooking Creations Wood Kitchen is one of the best play kitchens for 2 year olds I’ve seen. Most toy kitchens contain small parts, but this one is designed for 2 year olds – while being grown up enough to last them for many years.

The solid wood play kitchen comes with a double burner hob/stove top. There’s an oven and dishwasher, with clicking knobs so children can pretend to turn them on. There’s also a toy fridge with ice dispenser, and a pretend clock with moving hands (perfect for preparing for 2 year olds for telling the time). The kitchen even has a laundry area with washer/dryer and timer.

The toy kitchen is well equipped for imaginative play. It includes 11 accessories, such as a laundry basket, play phone spatula, pots and pans, iron, and spice jars.


Maserati Levante Kids Ride on Battery Operated Electric Toy Car

If you’re looking for an extra special Christmas present for a 2 year old, then why not buy them a real car! And not just any old ride-on car, but a sports car!

The Maserati Levante Kids 6v Ride on Battery Operated Electric Toy Car is suitable for 1 year olds and above, and is absolutely fantastic. Brand new, it’s officially licenses by Maserati Levante and has genuine Maserati badges.

This electric ride-on toy car has plenty of impressive features for 2 year olds. It comes with a remote control so that parents can control the car if the child can’t yet reach the pedal (or if you don’t trust them to control it themselves!). There are 3 speed settings, a key start with ignition sound, real seat belt, MP3 player, forward and reverse gear stick, and much more!


Tomy Play to Learn Hide n Squeak Eggs

If you need a stocking filler for a 2 year old for Christmas, the Tomy Play to Learn Hide n Squeak Eggs are a great choice. Not too big, they’ll fit nicely into a stocking.

The eggs are basically a more interesting version of a shape sorter. 2 year olds match the egg base to the space in the box with the correct shape. They also use colour matching to match the eggshell with the correct egg/chick. There’s a cute chick face on each egg.

2 year olds love shape and colour sorters, as it reflects their growing in interest in putting things into the correct place and order. The eggs even squeak when you press them down, adding extra interest and making them the perfect inexpensive stocking filler.


Aquadoodle Paw Patrol

Looking for drawing or arts and crafts toys for 2 year olds this Christmas? The Aquadoodle Paw Patrol combines toddlers’ love for drawing/scribbling with their love of Paw Patrol. And better still, it’s mess-free and parent-friendly!

It’s better than most Aquadoodle toys for 2 year olds because there are 2 ways for them to draw. As well as the water-filled pen which reveals the drawing, you can soak the bottom of Chase’s police truck and run it over the mat. This is fantastic for 2 year olds as they will think it’s like magic!

There are Paw Patrol drawings around the edge of the mat, so toddlers will enjoy looking for their favourite characters.

This drawing game can be used over and over again. You just leave it to dry and the drawings fade away, ready for next time.

The pad is quite big so children don’t have to be too accurate. It folds away for easy storage, so the size isn’t a problem.


LEGO Duplo Deluxe Box of Fun Set

At 2 years old, children are just the right age to start getting into Lego. Or, more accurately, Duplo – the version of Lego for 2 year olds and young children. The Lego Duplo 10580 Deluxe Box of Fun Set is the perfect first lego set to give a boy or girl for Christmas.

Unlike most Lego Duplo sets where you can only make one thing, this lego set for 2 year olds is really flexible. It comes with plenty of ideas for things that toddlers can make themselves, and they can also use their imagination to make anything else.

With 95 Lego Duplo pieces, this is a nice big box to get children started.


LEGO 10847 Number Train Building Set

Like Moana, Lego Duplo is such a popular Christmas gift that I’ve included a choice of two sets for 2 year olds on this list. Lego Number Train Building Set adds an interesting twist to a standard Lego set because of the train and the added educational value.

2 year olds will love this Christmas toy because it’s Lego Duplo. They’ll also enjoy learning about numbers and counting, developing early maths skills by building the train in the correct order.

The Lego Duplo set comes with 2 child figures and a cat. This makes it a good toy for role play and pretend play, as well as a construction/building toy AND an educational toy! What more could a 2 year old want!


Baby Vivo Kids Play Area with Swing & Slide

The Baby Vivo Kids Play Area with Swing & Slide is a lovely little playground set for 2 year olds. If you’re looking for outdoor play equipment for a 2 year old this Christmas, then this one is great value and excellent quality.

It comes with a slide, easy-to-climb steps, and a toddler swing seat with harness. The jungle design is just delightful, with bear shaped sides, giraffe sides on the swing, and animal line.

The sturdy and colourful plastic design will last for many years.


LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

The LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party is ideal for 2 year old girls who are just starting to enjoy pretend play.

This 10-piece set lights up in 6 colours and comes with lots of songs and surprises to delight 2 year olds. The teapot lights up when you tip it. It also makes sounds and the tea inside even appears to move!

2 year olds will enjoy the 7 educational songs about tea time, and there are over 50 other sounds and phrases to capture their attention. These are a cute way to teach children manners, as well as other skills such as colours, matching and counting.


Scuttlebug Beetle – Red and Black

The Scuttlebug Beetle is an ever-popular ride-on toy for 2 year olds. It’s surprisingly cheap and no one would know you’ve spent under £20 on this Christmas gift! However, it’s high quality and beautifully made, and will last for a long time.

This toddlers’ tricycle is just the right height for 2 year old legs. It has excellent balance so they can safely scoot themselves along. The little eyes on the front add extra appeal, making it a nice and friendly design.


NTEY Magnetic Building Blocks 32-Pcs Magnetic Blocks

The NTEY Magnetic Building Blocks 32-Pcs Magnetic Blocks are a fantastic building and construction set for 2 year olds. Most building toys of this standard contain small parts, but this set is suitable for 2 years and upwards.

There are countless ways that this toy can be used. 2 year olds will enjoy making things on their own, and parents will enjoy joining in!

This toy is great for encouraging creativity and teaches many skills including imaginative play, creativity, manual dexterity, logical thinking, and more. It won’t mess up your house as it comes with a nice velvet storage bag. And it won’t break the bank either.


What gifts will you buy your 2 year old for Christmas?

I hope this roundup of the best Christmas toys for 2 year olds will help you to choose presents that the children in your life will love. I’d love to know what they think of their Christmas gifts – please leave a comment below!

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