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Books are a great gift for any 2 year old. Although they can’t read the words yet, they can enjoy the pictures and become immersed in the story. Their language skills are improving rapidly at this age, and books introduce them to lots of new words as well as the structure of language. The best books for a 2 year old can set them up with a lifelong love of reading. And reading is a great excuse for cuddle time (as if you needed one!).

The best books for 2 year old children engage all the senses, with flaps to lift, touchy-feely sections and fun sounds too.

Buy books that are the right level for them – a 2 year old can get bored with books that are too simple, and be put off by complicated stories with too many words. The best books for a 2 year old are those with just a few words on each page. 2 year olds love everyday routines and to read about things that are familiar to them such as their favourite animals and day to day activities. Most 2 year olds can recognise small details in a picture, so choose books with details they can point to.

Many 2 year olds are starting to become less destructive with books, so you might get away with books with thin pages. However, it’s easy for pages to be torn out and it’s worth looking for board books where possible.


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