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Bath toys for 2 year olds – which ones to choose?

With so many bath toys for 2 year olds, it’s difficult to know what to buy. Here’s a round-up of the best bath toys for 2 year old boys and girl, suitable for different budgets.

Tomy Aquafun Aquapals

Tomy Aquafun Aquapals bath toy for 2 year oldsUnlike most bath toys for 2 year olds, the Tomy Aquafun Aquapals floats in the bath rather than attaching to the side. This floating island is very popular with 2 year olds due to its bright colours, friendly smiling faces and water squirter.

This bath toy is well designed – the Mummy octupus separates to become a pouring cup (and 2 year olds love learning how to pour water, without the risk of spillages!), each baby octupus separates to become a fun water squirter. The individual baby octupuses can be stuck to the bath or tiles, so there’s plenty you can do with the Tomy Aquafun Aquapals.

I like the fact that this bath toy has an educational element – a number matching game. Each baby octupus has a number which corresponds to one of the positions on the base, which is ideal for 2 year old children just learning about numbers and counting.


Bath toy watermill for 2 year oldsGowi Toys Watermill for Bath

There are many bath watermills suitable for 2 year olds, but the Gowi Toys Watermill for Bath is one of the best and most popular. It’s also very reasonably priced.

Lots of parents like to buy bath watermills for their 2 year olds because it reminds them of the bath toys they had as children.

Suitable from 1 years and upwards, this watermill is well made and has lots of fun moving parts. Children can pour water into the funnel and watch the colourful cogs spin and filter the water into the two sides.


Floating Bath Water Drums

Bath drumsAll the books say that bathtime should be a chance for babies and toddlers to relax, helping them to wind down before bed. I know all 2 year olds are different, but in my experience bathtime is a time for children to let off steam before bed!

The Floating Bath Water Drums are great fun for 2 year olds (and older children) who like to make lots of noise. The bath drums float on the water and include a paid of drum sticks. They are brightly coloured and great fun for 2 year olds!


WOW Toys Bathtime Buddies

WOW toys bathtime buddies for 2 year oldsThese Bathtime Buddies are a nice set of bath toys for 2 year olds. The 3 in 1 set includes 4 figures (including people and a dolphin), 2 boats, 1 submarine and a diving board.

The toys are quite versatile and can bob up and down in the water, squirt, dive and pour.

The Bathtime Buddies are suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years. Your 2 year old then they will continue enjoying them as they develop new skills and advance in their imaginative play. Many bath toys are quite babyish so I like the fact that these can grow with the child.


VTech Baby Splash and Count Penguin

VTech Baby Splash and Count Penguin bath toy for 2 year oldsThe VTech Baby Splash and Count Penguin bath toy is very popular with 2 year olds this year. There’s something about penguins that really appeals to 2 year olds, so this bath toy is a great idea – I don’t know whether it’s their contrasting black and white colours, their cute faces or the funny way they walk!

The Mummy penguin comes with 10 baby penguins, stored safely in her tummy. The Mummy penguin sticks to the bath tiles and you can press the light-up button to hear songs and tunes. Pushing the Mummy penguin’s feet releases the baby penguins into the water. The buttons are big and easy to push, making this bath toy perfect for 2 year olds.

This bath toy is more educational than most and helps 2 year olds to learn about numbers and colours, as well as boosting their motor skills. It even comes with a fishing net for children to scoop the baby penguin toys out of the water (also useful for storage while they dry).


Clippasafe Bath Toy Bag

Bath tidy bagAs my 2 year old accumulated more and more bath toys, it became clear that we would need somewhere to store them! Some parents use a plastic box but this isn’t really suitable because everything goes mouldy. The Clippasafe Bath Toy Bag is ideal because the water-resistant netting allows water to drain away, helping to keep everything dry and hygienic. It holds plenty of bath toys and helps to de-clutter the bathroom.

This bath toy tidy has suckers which attach to the bath or tiles. I tend to have it hanging just inside the bath, so the water can drain away without going on the tiles.


Peli Play Pouch Bath Tidy

Bath tidyAlthough the Clippasafe Bath Toy Bag does the job, if you’re looking for something a bit different then the Peli Play Pouch Bath Tidy will grab any 2 year old’s imagination!

This bath toy storage product has a fun pelican and 2 year olds love opening the beak to find their bath toys inside. The storage bag is porous, allowing toys to drip dry and stay hygienic.

It attaches to baths with an edge of 7.5 to 12cm wide via a clamp. Thankfully, it can be turned outwards for when the adults want a bath!


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