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As their understanding of the world improves, many 2 year old children love toys relating to arts and crafts. These don’t break the bank and 2 year olds can enjoy finger paints, crayons, coloured pencils and chalks. Most 2 year olds are fascinated by colours and love learning how to mix paints together to make new colours. Making things with Playdough can be great fun, too.

Arts and crafts help 2 year olds learn about cause and effect. They also develop the children’s creativity and lay the foundation for learning to write when they’re older. Whether they want to be creative or just make a mess, art and craft toys are ideal for a 2 year old.

Of course, most 2 year olds still put everything in their mouth. There are more and more non-toxic paints available, as well as ones that won’t stain clothes. Dress the child in a bin bag and try not to worry about it too much!

2 year old children are known for drawing on the walls, so try to channel the fun in a more suitable (but equally fun) way! Cover the kitchen table or floor with a big piece of wallpaper lining paper and let their imagination run wild. Or if you want to splash out, you can buy some great easels ideal for 2 year old child.

If you’re feeling creative then why not make a craft trolley. This can be used to store all the 2 year old’s arts and crafts toys. It’s a fabulous way to keep things tidy as well as fun for the 2 year old to play with, choosing exactly what they want to play with today.

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