Toys for 2 Year Old Girls

Childrens slide for 2 year old

£30 children’s slide for 2 year olds

Sophia’s 2 year old birthday was last week. One of her favourite presents was the Little Tykes My First Slide. Like many 2 year olds, Sophia loves things that are familiar to her. She wasn’t too impressed when the slide first arrived, whereas her 2 year old cousin immediately spent a full half hour using […]

Best bath toy for 2 year old children

Best bath toys for 2 year old children

Bathtime is an important part of any 2 year old child’s life. After all, they spend quite a lot of time in the bath! The best bath toys for 2 year old children can make bathtime fun instead of a chore. [list style=’star’] [list_item]Bath books are fun and can boost a 2 year old’s love […]

Books for 2 year old children

Best books for a 2 year old

Books are a great gift for any 2 year old. Although they can’t read the words yet, they can enjoy the pictures and become immersed in the story. Their language skills are improving rapidly at this age, and books introduce them to lots of new words as well as the structure of language. The best […]

2 year old birthday present list

What’s on my 2 year old’s birthday list?

As my daughter Sophia’s 2nd birthday approaches, my husband and I have just finished writing her birthday list. I thought it would be useful to share it on the Best Toys for 2 Year Old website to help other parents shopping for 2 year olds. Sophia’s birthday list consists of things we will buy her […]

Toy for 2 year old Peppa Pig

Posters – unusual gift for 2 year olds

If you’re looking for an unusual gift for a 2 year old, why not buy a poster of something they love? 2 year old children have such strong likes and dislikes – for example, their favourite TV program. A poster of something they’re passionate about is guaranteed to bring a smile on their birthday – […]

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm

Looking for a great toy for a 2 year old’s birthday present? I think the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm is a great find – and with a 4.4 out of 5 rating on Amazon, plenty of mums and dads agree! What does it do? The touch and feel farm comes with 4 animals – […]

Quality children’s kitchens from £100-£200

Let’s face it – some children’s kitchens can be a bit of an eyesore. They’re likely to be a prominent fixture in your home for several years, so you may not want something brightly coloured and plastic-looking. We’ve found two lovely wooden-style children’s kitchens from between £100-£200. This is a typical price range for a […]

Toy kitchen sets

Toy kitchen sets for £50 – £100

A toy kitchen is a great gift for a 2 year old. The best toy kitchens tend to cost over £100 (and sometimes significantly more, if you want something truly top of the range) – but we’ve found some great options for between £50 and £100. You can spend hours looking for a toy kitchen […]

Kids kitchen set for 2 year olds

Top of the range kids kitchen sets for 2 year olds

Kids kitchen sets are a favourite toy for millions of 2 year olds. A toy kitchen can appeal to children from as young as 2 to as old as 8 or 9. With this in mind, it’s worth buying a good quality kids kitchen that will last. Choosing the right toy kitchen is even more […]

Top wooden playhouse for 2 year old

Outdoor wooden playhouse for 2 year old

There are lots of plastic playhouses for 2 year old children, but this wooden playhouse is something special. Walton’s Honeypot Dutch Barn Playhouse is 6 feet square and built to last. Made from sturdy tongue and groove wooden panels, this unisex outdoor wooden playhouse appeals to boys and girls alike. It looks like a traditional […]