Soft Toys & Dolls for 2 Year Olds

Teddy Bears for all Price Ranges

A teddy bear for a 2 year old is a very popular present. All children should have a teddy bear that they can treasure forever. Unlike most toys, teddies are likely to be kept into adulthood and passed down the generations. There are plenty of cheap teddy bears around which, sadly, have lost the nostalgia […]

The Best Doll for 2 Year Old Girls & Boys

As Christmas approaches, a lot of people are looking for the best doll to buy for a 2 year old boy or girl. I have looked at lots of baby dolls for 2 year olds and think that My First Baby Annabel is the clear winner. Most baby dolls are aimed at children older than […]

Duplo Snow White Toy for 2 Year Olds

Duplo Snow White

Duplo Snow White is a popular choice on many 2 year old girls’ Christmas present list, as well as older children. This Lego Duplo set consists of Snow White at her little forest cottage. You get a lot for your money as it comes complete with: Duplo Snow White Lego figure with detachable skirt Duplo […]

Bing soft toy

Bestselling Bing Soft Toy

This Bing soft toy is one of the bestselling toys for 2 year olds on Amazon in 2015. At 17.8cm tall, this soft toy is just the right size for 2 year olds who love Bing to hug. It’s cute, soft and everything that makes Bing the TV program appeal to young children. Your 2 year […]

best dolls pram for 2 year olds

Best dolls pram for 2 year olds

I’ve searched for the best dolls pram for 2 year old children. Here’s my selection for you to choose from, helping you to find the best toys for 2 year olds. Little Love 3-in-1 Pushchair The Little Love 3-in-1 Pushchair is a great pram for 2 year old children, but it’s also much more than […]

Disney Frozen Toys for 2 Year Olds

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll be aware that Disney’s blockbuster film Frozen is rapidly taking over children’s hearts and minds. Frozen toys are at the top of most 2 year olds’ Christmas lists this year. A lot of Frozen toys are aimed at older children, so it’s not easy to find the […]

Princess toys for 2 year old girls

There’s no getting away from it – lots of 2 year old girls LOVE princesses. Even if you have done your best to provide a choice of boys and girls toys, there’s something magical for a 2 year old girl about being a princess. It’s hardly surprising that princess toys are such a popular choice […]