Best Toys for 2 Year Olds Christmas 2017

Best Christmas Toys for 2 Year Olds – The Ultimate Gift List for Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 is getting closer and closer, and people across the globe are wondering about the best gifts to buy for 2 year old boys and girls. Toddlers are tricky to buy for because they change so quickly and most toys aren’t suitable for this age group. Read on to discover the best toys for […]

10 best toys for toddlers Christmas 2016

Best Christmas 2016 Toys for Toddlers

If you’re buying a Christmas gift for a toddler in 2016, here’s my round-up of the 10 best toys to buy a 2 year old in 2016. Most lists of the best must-have Christmas toys are aimed at older children and contain very little for toddlers. This list only contains toys that are suitable as […]

Christmas costumes for 2 year olds

Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes – Santa, Angel, Snowflake, Elf, Snowman

Most 2 year olds love to dress up in Christmas-themed fancy dress costumes whether this is an angel, snowflake, Santa suit, snowman or elf. Here’s a nice selection of super-cute Christmas outfits that are available in 2 year old sizes. Christmas fancy dress costumes aren’t just for Christmas. Put them in a fancy dress box and […]

Princess pony toy

Fisher-Price Disney Princess Stable Playset

The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable Playset caught my eye because it combines the ever-popular Disney Princess concept with horses – both things that most 2 year olds love!  Aimed at children from 18 months all the way up to 5 years, this toy is designed to grow with your child. What’s included? […]

Toy cash register

Which Toy Cash Register – Fisher-Price or Little Tikes?

Fisher-Price and Little Tikes both have toy cash registers suitable for 2 year olds. They don’t have small parts such as buttons which would pose a hazard to this age group and are designed to introduce 2 year olds to concepts such as pretend play and basic counting. But which is best? In this comparison, […]

Musical Instruments for 2 year olds

A Cute Musical Instruments Set with Animals

The Parum Pum Pum Musical Instruments set is a popular music toy for young children including 2 year olds. It consists of 6 parts: a drum with handle, shaker, tambourine, jingle bells and 2 drumsticks. Everything a toddler or pre-school child needs to be their own one-man-band or to start a band with friends.  Music toys […]

Should 2 Year Olds be able to Play Independently?

I find it so frustrating to watch my friends’ 2 year olds play on their own while I have to constantly entertain my daughter. Will she never let me chat or have some grown up time? Whenever I find myself thinking these thoughts, I remind myself how 2 year olds work. This helps me to […]

Bing Home Playset Review

Bing Home Playset Review

Lots of 2 year olds love watching Bing on TV, so here’s my Bing Home Playset review. About the Bing Home Playset The Bing Home Playset is one of many merchandised products of the children’s TV show Bing. Bing is about a cute baby rabbit and his friends. They get up to lots of adventures […]

Teddy Bears for all Price Ranges

A teddy bear for a 2 year old is a very popular present. All children should have a teddy bear that they can treasure forever. Unlike most toys, teddies are likely to be kept into adulthood and passed down the generations. There are plenty of cheap teddy bears around which, sadly, have lost the nostalgia […]

Unusual rocking horse

4 Special Rocking Horses & Animals for 2 Year Olds

I often see beautiful rocking horses for older children, whereas rocking horses for 2 year olds tend to be less impressive. Here are some rocking horses for 2 year olds which are much more special. And it’s not just rocking horses – I’ve even round a gorgeous rocking bear on skis and a rocking kangaroo! […]